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5 months ago
I put a decent amount of games on a pro and fell in love with this game. I’m not exceptional at pinball. But this game seems like it will draw in less experienced as well as seasoned vets. Took me over 20 plays to even get over 100M. Then a friend got an LE. Wow wow wow. I absolutely love the art package on this game. All models look fantastic but they really went all out on the LE. The art is a foil decal with a silver style lining detail around the various beasts and objects. Which makes it tie in extremely well with the metallic silver powder coating. It exudes high end. I tried to take some pictures but you just have to see the art package in person to appreciate this beauty. When it comes to the gameplay that’s also not lacking much of, if not anything for me. It’s just that good. The layout that Elwin came up with is so tasty. Flowin’ for days. I even love the SDTM punish shot to the left of the drake building. Mecha Godzilla is bigger than I anticipated and is so cool to shoot for and get his multiball. While the drake tower is very cool how it operates the biggest upgrade for me is the mecha godzilla. With those stand up targets aimed toward you instead of the 9 o’clock position on the pro model is awesome. The playfield, animations, callouts, lighting & art are all so good. This game most definitely has that I need to play one more game feel. The only thing I can think about that they could have done better imho is a better Godzilla. He’s just a small figure to the left of the Drake building and doesn’t look very great or do anything. Don’t compare him to mecha Godzilla who looks 2x bigger and and more badass. crazy to think the game can just get better with updates. This review is for the factory released code. Not the recent update. Wish I could have got a premium. I’ll have to be content with the pro which is still amazing. Great work Stern team!