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17 days ago
Overall an outstanding execution on an underwhelming theme. I enjoyed my time with the game and its spectacle but it did not hold up very long. The first month as I was chasing scores I was very engaged. The game has the very best audio components of any pinball machine I've ever heard. However after the sparkle and shine wore off I did not want to push the start button one more time. I haven't played it in over a month and that is why it went on the chopping block. The idea of collecting shoes and hats isn't my thing. Same as patches with G N' R. Definitely the best JJP shooting game so far but all the glitz, wardrobe, city touring stuff got old fast. Playing Dialed In with Spotify blasting Elton John would be more ideal if you actually wanted to listen to Elton John which I don't and its for that reason sharks, I'm out! I am hopeful for upcoming games from Jersey Jack with this execution but with that hope, I'd prefer almost any of the rumored themes compared to this theme and that's why I jumped ship before the water got too deep.
3 years ago
Dream theme that has the best implementation of any modern game. Video clips that have the actors voices. Upper playfield, lower playfield, two bash toys , diverters, and the soundtrack. I see why this game is so sought after. I may have to empty my piggy bank out.
3 years ago
The best game AP has made to date but it doesn’t stand out against current releases. The theme may elevate it for others but not my cup of tea. The game I’ve played on several occasions had to remove all of the cars because they kept falling into the lanes and stopping gameplay. I wish they reused some of the crazy ramps from Octoberfest or some how offered the fun of the simple $20 tracks I remember playing with.
5 years ago
I have installed the Cleland R rated sound mod. It’s a requirement to play this game. Dark, bloody brutal game that keeps you coming back for more punishment. It’s fun and is challenging. When you do well you feel like you accomplished something and the rules are deep , I’m still discovering new things 10 months later. I am a fan of John Borg and have multiple of his games, they have that one more game sensation.
5 years ago
Pat Lawlor has made some great games and this nears perfection if it had a theme that related to me more. I give credit to the original theme and the characters that they created, maybe it will become a classic like Medieval Madness or Attack from Mars. It has incredible flow and shots. The SIM card shot is as difficult and challenging as I’d like, the modes and use of the magnets is top notch. The hidden chutes and subway keep keep new players curious of what is happening. Some of the gimmicks like The Bluetooth integration don’t bother me but I question who actually is using them. A+ title
5 years ago
Admittedly recycled layout hybrid but nonetheless a pure shooter and i’m Reviewing this with the Cleland code because it’s available for free and there is no reason anyone should not be using it. It puts the game over the top the same as it does for TWD. Beautiful art package and play field. A dream theme and the LE package delivers, the Groot arms do block a few inserts but my head can move left and right and the arms look cool. Also be the modes you will know when the insets light up after a few games.
5 years ago
I really enjoy this game and can see owning it again someday. It is a great machine for entry levels players as it isn’t to difficult. The Vault edition updates the LEDs and has a timeless quality. The 3rd flipper for the Venom shot is fun and that is overall what this game is” fun”, simple straightforward rules and has great flow. I understand how great players get bored with it and I’d hope to have that problem some day! Ball times can get long and walking away with a so-so game after. 15 minutes does make you jump to another game.
5 years ago
I’m basing this on a modded Pro. This game is fantastic and I’m in Day one is the offer a vault edition. It fetched a high price today and is probably actually worth it. The music , smoothness and awesome lighting are perfect. I hope they can keep all the actors voices as they create an immersive experience and this is what makes games great. I love this game and the 3rd flipper on the left makes for some rewarding shots.
5 years ago
This game was not for me, I regretted buying from day one and it taught me the lesson of a minimum of trying a game over the course of several trips. At first I enjoyed the long ball times and multi balls but they got old quick. I took a big hit to sell this game and it’s the only game I’ve traded that I don’t have a desire to play again.
5 years ago
It’s not like any modern machine and that’s a good thing. It’s brutal, fast and unforgiving. Linear rules, straightforward and simple but co-op and with groups is where this machine shines. Would not want in a small collection but in a setting with more than four machines would be perfect. The theme , art and display could have used some improvement but the music and light show are top notch.
5 years ago
Classic band and my favorite music to listen to over and over, that’s why it’s in action movies and game commercials. That game has the Steve Ritchie flow, excellent lighting, cool toys. Shooting up the middle can be brutal. I have the LUCI vault which I’m so happy I held out for, I almost paid a premium for an original and this vault saved me a few thousand. A true work of art that doesn’t disappoint.
5 years ago
Great music, best call outs of any music pin, brutal fast action, challenging and pure fun. If I had to recommend a machine for a newcomer to pickup first it would be this or Star Trek Pro.

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