My CNY Pinball Story

By TheCnyPinGuy

March 19, 2015

4 years ago

I got started with pins in the 90's

as a boy from long island NY I was addicted to the following locations

Adventure Land, Nathans Hot Dogs, Space Plex, Sports Plus

at Nathans where I spent many days after school I discovered a pin. This pin was magical to me with a hand that actually grabbed the ball then the hand actually disappeared. That's right ADDAMS FAMILY, Man I was hooked. Five balls for a quarter hell yeah I could play all day on a buck. The OP knew me as a daily visitor, so one day I had a stuck ball. You know where upper left cover by ramp flasher. he slid the glass off and started looking with a flash light. then he did it.. he lifted the playfield to reveal a hidden world a world I wanted to be a part of. I got tons of books on pinball, YES BOOKS. This was before I have every gone online and writing letters to companies for flyers

My father passed away in 98, this was a tough time for me. My best friend told me to come by his house one day before we had school as he wanted to show me something. I walked in his garage for him to show me the coolest gift I ever got. He got me a KISS PINBALL MACHINE !!! it was broken but who cared it was all mine and that smirk on my face emerged.

The Mpu was actually missing so a new one was ordered and she fired right up and that first game on my own pinball machine is a moment I shall never forget..

I have been a pinball fan every since....


Thank you for reading


~ The Cny Pin Guy

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