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9 years ago
13 Ball Mball is Fun - but a Gimmick

Good Modes, Music

if you liked the movie you will enjoy the pin

Too Bad Tom Hanks is "IN" the Space Suit
9 years ago
9 years ago
Now you DIE :-)
9 years ago
Love the Bonus Ball as a reward to the Winner of a Multi Player game
9 years ago
One of the Only GTB I would ever own

well that and Freddy :-)

Enter the Sarcophagus....
9 years ago
Welcome To Jurassic Park

I always enjoyed this Pin but the sounds do get rather old after a but

the DE pity Tri-Ball is lit on Ball 3 is nice if your a noob, but skilled players wish to earn the prize

How about another tour of the park???
9 years ago
I cant get past the software bugs in this game

I love Pat Lawlor, but if your a skilled player you will definitely complete the holes
9 years ago
Super Game is Fun

the Multiballs are challenging

for a pin with no bumper jets, it still offers a lot of shots and targets

9 years ago
I enjoyed TRON (PRO) so much I sold it for an LE

Daft Punk made a great game soundtrack and the shots are killer

Flynn is open for business :-)
9 years ago
9 years ago
I love the show when you blow up the saucer in the center
9 years ago
fun Gomez theme

I enjoy the backbox flipper
9 years ago
Feel the power of the wind

Love the topper- it will "blow" your mind.... Get it? Cmon I did a funny
9 years ago
I always got a kick out of the upper playfield ring

one of few WideBody DE pins

very nice theming with the layout
9 years ago
I love the under playfield roto & BB animations

very under rated pin

if it was a single player wedge head be a hot item
9 years ago
I enjoy getting runs with this pin

set a high pitch and make sure its waxed
9 years ago
I enjoy getting the ball in the center

adds up those points
9 years ago
Ever Since I was a Young Ball I Played the Siverball !!!!

Fun 4 player EM by BALLY
9 years ago
For am EM had plenty to keep you busy
9 years ago
Great Pin, Lots to do

One of Sterns Best Pins ..
9 years ago
another "pretty" JPOP pin that takes art and pinball functionality into a silverball journey on a magic carpet defeating the genie while awarding points
9 years ago
I love the playable backglass playfield

Pat Lawlor is my favorite designer for always pushing the boundaries of the silverball
9 years ago
Fun Pin

Go to The Bing
9 years ago
I remember watching this movie as a kid and when I watch it now I laugh on the Computer differences from then to now

I love the hand (if working)

the YAKUZA ramps are a rush

I think the Video Mode is challenging

Overall I enjoy JM

Cab is usually always faded out :-(
9 years ago
Fun Game

has magnets under the field

the crane is a neat feature

the theme is very fitting for the Film
9 years ago
Feel Lucky Punk??

I love the loops and the Magnum into HQ shot

Good Dots

Good Bang for Buck Pin
9 years ago
Safe Cracker "Token Pin"

Pat Lawlor said it should of been monopoly but the license was not available at the time

its a unique pin, not for a small collection though

you can earn tokens rather fast and after that you play the magic token mode

larger collections are my suggestion, I wanted one since the 90's when played on location, got one home bored in not even a month
9 years ago
I love that for its era the rule set is very solid

I enjoy having a goal and trying to achieve reaching the sun

its a very user friendly pin, it attract mode the display explains the rules and the PF lights up where you should be shooting for

I love that music and topper lights

I honestly have no complaints for Pin*Bot
9 years ago
Win the Bout for the Purse

you can do it kid
9 years ago
Yo Taxi

classic pin

still holds value just about 30 years later
9 years ago
you big sausage

I love getting to midnight
9 years ago
I have nothing bad to say about Spiderman

Stern pin made by Steve Ritchie with a very deep rule set

great dots and music

Wonderful light shows
9 years ago
For Williams 1st DMD pin - its not bad, not deep by any means but that is not what T-2 is about

you pump the ramps and build up to the large points

Multiball is neat in this pin and you use the canon to fire the ball to the lit target

Steve Ritchie does get coined the title "The King of Flow" for nothing

Video mode is also very fitting shooting endoskeletons in the battle field

I have owned 2 and with a wide collection sure, small collection limited space might not have staying but that is just my opinion
9 years ago
Oh yeah !!!

Dennis Nordman once again brings L o n g Flowing ramps in a very tight package

Elvira is a sleek and sexy pin that packs a punch

great animations and the Spider Spinner in the Back Box is a cool feature

Don't fear the Dead Heads as they award you points, and this game ... EVERY point counts

Good Luck

UN Pleasant Dreams....
9 years ago
Big Risk, Big Reward in.... The Twilight Zone

its the following pin to Addams Family, and with Pat Lawlor making the number 1 pinball machine in History (TO DATE) Bally gave him no limits to creativity

so much to do in this pin

one of my personal favorites

if you have what it takes to "open the door"

hit that start button and get ready
9 years ago
Shave n haircut 2 pints

One of DE stronger titles

Borg design

A lot of his games had similar features

Great pin

Kinda creepy but enjoyable
9 years ago
I'm rating this game based on adding the P roc "continued"

Factory code incomplete and kinda short

But very deep and enjoyable with CCC code installed
9 years ago
Great SR design

Love the flow for a wide body pin

Deep lots to do
9 years ago
J Pop does it again

"I am the Ring Master"

I had 2 CV

1 Sample Proto
1 production model

The Neon is a nice touch
the "boom balloon" is a great feature

once that RM comes up for the 1st time and he "throws" the ball at you - GAME ON

Lots to do in this title

I like how the DMD was lowered in the playfield so its easier on the eyes and its more interactive with the game play

do you have what it takes to "join the cirqus"?
9 years ago
J Pop has always made "pretty looking game"

but functional games with a purpose

ToM took pinball to another level adding almost a Poetic spin on pinball bringing art and imagination into a amazing product

I loved the trunk and the use of magnets

when the ball is up in the roll overs and you look through the mirror its an optical illusion and you freak cause you think the ball is leaving the playfield - nice trick

overall the modes are good , very satisfying shots

ToM is worth playing or picking up for your collection
9 years ago
Heh Eh Eh

I love Stewie Multi-Ball

and the Humor

if you love the show and pinball = Awesome

Pat Lawlor does it again
9 years ago
"gone fishing, leave a message"

This is one of my wife favorites... that says a lot

she isn't a very good player, just slaps the ball around hoping to see some cool interactions with the game. She LOVES the topper, I personally think that is the only thing she like about it LOL

I like the boat criss cross ramps until you get to ROCK THE BOAT

Locking balls into the fishing reel is very fitting for the theme

Overall a great Mark Ritchie Design
9 years ago
"Time to go to work, lets fire that thing up"

I love the lighting countdown as the wheel award

have never gotten further then Las Vegas

one of Pat Lawlors best games
9 years ago
"the shadow knows"

OK look past the Back Glass, you know what just look to the playfield LOL

I love the Phurba's and how you can select the balls path

the upper field is like Araknoid in real life

the multi-ball lock effect is a cool sight to see (alot get blown out at magnet hole)
great music DCS (amazing with a sub kit)
9 years ago
GNR is one of Data East best pins PERIOD !!

John Borg designed it, and man did he design it

its one of a few made W i d e B o d y Data East pins produced

it has many play variations if you like that

you have Modes / GUNS N ROSES Ramp Shots / Building the JAM X Value

there is a lot to do but its not impossible to achieve all in 1 game

I enjoy adding band members to the M-Ball

The Video Mode stills makes me chuckle after all these years GILBY !!

if you complete all the guitar neck modes, WIZ Mode is RIOT - where its just a ball frenzy for an allotted about of time
9 years ago

RFM is a sequel to AFM

Aliens attacking earth - Yes Sir, I will save the planet from an invasion...

you start out by selection which mode you wish to start (either left side or right, center is NA)

you start you modes and interact with the Monitor based on Switch placement

when you complete you mission the center ramp flap pops and you shoot the center to exit the mode for completion .

I have owned 3 RFM and the all left for the same reason
its a video game ;-/

you see the same animations / same shots / call outs / etc

BUT WAIT - doesn't this same thing happen on a normal pin w/o the Pin2K ?

Yes on a normal pin you get same objectives and sounds, callouts etc.

but on a normal pin you have more freedom.. with the RFM you get to a point where the level is down the playfield is dead, all that is lit of the center flap cause the software for that level is completed

I am not saying RFM sucks ... please believe me I enjoyed it enough to buy 2 more after my first RFM

but with a solid player you blow through the game rather quickly.

have I beaten the game and gone back to Mars for the final battle, No
but I got bored by the time I got to the Mother M-Ball

you loose that WOW factor after you see the animations

will I buy another RFM - Yes if found for a fair price
9 years ago
You cheat Dr. Jones

93 WMS Indiana Jones - The Pinball Adventure

this is a widebody pin with the DCS sound system (1st)

plunge that ball... wait where's the plunger ?? - all I see is a Gun !! -OK then, Pull that Trigger :-)

it has 3 tiers of modes, 1 tier per movie - each tier has 1 Video Mode
Gun Fight in Bar / Choose Wisely / Mine Cart Tunnel

The Path of Adventure is a Mini Upper PF that has exit holes

there are targets all over the field and 3 center drops that protect a cellar hole and a target

there are Super Jets that when you meet your switch count ups the value to rack up some huge points

there are INDY friends at the top rollovers that add a center "friend" from all 3 original films
also ADDING to the bonus X

there is a lot to say to IJ but if you enjoy the movies and John Williams your half way there
real callouts from the actual movies sound clips - game had details and all were checked off

I have owned 3 IJ and enjoyed them all

try one out - you wont be disappointed

See you tomorrow Indiana Jones.....
9 years ago
RBION is a PLD "Pat Lawler"

it is a marvelous display or thought & strategy

but is a game you discover the rules the more time you spend on it

Atlantis is your goal (wiz mode)

there is the upper left mini bagatelle that features 3 displays above interact with the center of the PF
to unlock features or objectives

the penguins get annoying

shrunken head if the pitch is off is weak or if the magnet has mushroomed from neglect

getting M-Ball is actually difficult and this game give you nothing for free

you could have a great game, sub 20,000,000 points real kickers

are you ready to take a trip with Mr. Ripley??
9 years ago
As the owner prev of a LE Tron and Pro I must say LE takes the cake sorry - you can mod the ears out of Pro Tron (wont cut the cheese)

Tron Le just offers more for the player

Drop Targets ,DP Multiball, Arcade Options

Yes the toys are there too
Moving recognizer, Light up color sync ramps, Flashers added in apron ETC

some argue that Pro is "just" as good - you know what its good and if you never played an LE youd be fine

but I bought Pro and loved it, heard about LE sold Pro and Got LE

then... People noticed ...hey this is better and guess what its the most expensive Stern in history to purchase

you do the math LE all the way
9 years ago
I love LOTR , but very long game times if your skilled

played 30 min on 1 ball - got tiresome

always upsetting about the way the inner loop around the ramp dribbles (offset somehow in design)

love the music and the way you can select what mode to complete next

getting the 3 M-Ball is always a thrill

getting the ring to Valinor and battling enemies along the way is a blast

never gotten "there is back again"

Balrog if switch is damaged is a PITA

over all Lord of the Rings is a very strong title and Stern put thought into it Gomez always used imagination and has brought many titles to life
9 years ago
Iron man though "basic" looking packs a hell of a rule sheet

3 balls sound good until - 1 - 2 now your all alone on 3 with Jericho in your sights

the pressure cooks every orbit you make when you finally light that center spinner you hear your heart pounding in a sudden death like scenario

do you have what it takes

think that was tough

get all your characters completed on 1 ball for "Do OR Die"

that's what separate skill from batting the ball around
9 years ago
Once you master the ramp and chair - you blow through modes FAST

but cant focus on modes, points are you goal.

Graveyard values, Train Wrecks cashing on Swamp adds killer points also

building T-H-I-N-G and getting stars also are a challenge

add in a 3 - 4 way combo is a nice task also
9 years ago
I always played this pin on location, but have never bought one. someday it will come home.

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