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6 months ago
I like this game. One of the first pins I had. From a depth standpoint it doesn't take long to complete if you're a competent player. But it's fun and hitting the jackpot and the overall theme is Any casual player that came around loved this game. It's easy to pick up what to do and keeps them entertained.
1 year ago
Have played this game pretty extensively. It is a very fast shooting game. Most shots are not particularly difficult, although the death star shot is pretty hard to be consistent with.

Good flow and theme integration and, of course, if you are a Star Wars fan they did an excellent job with the theme.

The ability to pick your character at the beginning, and those characters having different bonuses/values throughout the game adds to the strategy and depth of the theme. Lots of modes, multi balls and rule depth but also a good game to just slap the ball around and get some points having fun.

About the only knock I have is the moving ramp that lifts out of the playfield for access to the death star detracts from the flow when it is up and you hit the right side of the inner loop. It slows the game down, I wish they had used a ramp that drops from the top so the ball could just push it up and keep the flow going.

Overall a really good game that I thoroughly enjoy.
1 year ago
Bought this game after a few plays as it was an intriguing layout seemed to be a cool game. After buying it, that feeling wore off after about a month.

First off, this is not a game for an average player. The shots are all very tight, leading to making the shot or being very clunky. While the rule set is very deep, every mode takes multiple shots to complete. I'd have liked to have seen a few more options to make the game easier for beginners, it got to the point that no one but me played it.

The worst things, to me, were the animations and call outs became unbearably repetitive, probably because there weren't very many of them. I think the limited video and call outs significantly takes away from the game. The flipper fade on this game is very noticeable due to the difficulty of some shots. I know there are fans and such but I shouldn't have to buy crap in order to make a loop shot after 20 minutes of the game being played.

Overall, it just wasn't a game that could hold my attention or anyone else that played it. Those that love it, more power to you, it just wasn't my thing.
1 year ago
I love Pin 2K machines. I think it could have and should have been the future and I wish they'd build new ones. Can you imagine some of the latest themes where you could actually see what's on the "tv" in the backbox while you are playing.

Anyway, this game is definitely the lesser of the two P2K's. It's a fun game but gets a bit repetitive at times with lots of the same shots for each mode. The integration of the action buttons for lasers is cool and adds to the scoring/strategy of the game. I think gameplay could have been significantly improved with code updates, either from Williams or a 3rd party similar to what is being done with RFM.

The theme is fun but I truly believe the hate for Jar Jar when the movie came out and his integration into this game really hurt it. I'm sure Lucas thought it would be the next big thing for the franchise and made Williams incorporate it into the game a bit more than they should have.

The art on the cabinet is great and the playfield is really nice once you add LED's to it, with incandescent bulbs it's a bit dark, even with the monitor.

Honestly, the one thing that is absolutely infuriating about this game is the fact that there is no auto launcher on it. Having to shoot balls with the plunger while battling Darth Maul is a pain. I suppose it could be seen as adding difficulty to the game but it just peeves me.
1 year ago
I really like this game, hence why I ended up buying one. The art is top notch and the theme integration is great and only getting better with Spooky's constant updates.

The playfield flows exceptionally well with lots of different shots. Not all loops or ramps like some other games that can get boring. This one has them all from drops to ramps to loops and 2 additional upper playfields. The unique inlane returns from the under the playfield subways are certainly something to get used to.

I'd like to see more video integrated and better settings in the operator menu to adjust rules (easy - hard). But, I know Spooky is working on the code for this game and if their updates to Ultraman are any indication, this one will really shine even better in the future.
2 years ago
This was a grail game for me. Played it extensively in my youth and finally found a beat up one. Did a fairly deep restore and have been playing it non stop ever since. Simple layout but not very forgiving when you miss a shot and blast one of the posts. Getting up the ramp enough times to get multiball, change the face to human and go for the big wheel is alot tougher than it would seem to be. Great theme with variations of sounds and lots of adult innuendo. Still love it.
2 years ago
I always liked this game and was really bummed when Williams shut down and abandoned the platform. (I blame that garbage movie Star Wars EP1 they tied the 2nd pin to) I finally got one of these and played the heck out of it and then discovered the applejuice code. It really takes the game to the next level and shows what could have been of the Pin 2k platform.
The shots on this are straightforward but still moderately difficult to master. The animations provide the feeling of more variation than is actually there. It's not the hardest or deepest game to play but it is a blast and really holds up.
I really think Williams was on the right track as this could have brought the "video game" kids over to pinball. It is still the first pin that kids play at my house.
2 years ago
The best System 11 game around. Lots of variation in shots, you can keep playing with simple shots but there are difficult ones as well. The spinning discs on the playfield keep things interesting. The theme is fun and the fan on top is really cool (pun intended) The biggest knock I would have is it is an impossible game to play if it's not taken care of. Weak flippers make the game miserable.
2 years ago
I wanted to like this pin, I just couldn't. The art is really good as is the lighting and I like the theme. Playing it several times, it just didn't do it for me and got boring quick. Shots were repetitive and boring even with the cool gimmicks like the redline skill shot. Lots of loops and not much else. It really reminded me of No Fear which is another game I didn't care for.

Beautiful game from a visual aspect, plays fast but it gets reallyboring from a play ability aspect. Just my wooden nickel.

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