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6 months ago
I avoided getting this game for a while because all the artwork is so horrifically ugly. That said, I finally did pick up a premium and holy crap, this game is just so incredibly fun. The layout and rules are so awesome. I love pausing to calculate how I want to proceed in the game. Maybe I’m setup different but I don’t find this game to be terribly brutal. I am a novice played and still find myself getting to horde mode a fair amount. The excitement when you are having a great game is near unmatched. The audio is great but I don’t actually believe I am on the stock package, I think I’m on a custom code (maybe Cleland?) which is fantastic.
1 year ago
I love GNR music and the game looks beautiful, I just don’t enjoy playing it much. I had had it for a few weeks and loved it the first few games but quickly grew tired of it. The flippers don’t feel good, it’s the saddest plunge in pinball, and the gameplay is not engaging. Those are just my opinions of course but after a week or two of owning, I was over it.
1 year ago
I have put off rating this pin, or any pin, for a while. I wanted to give it some time and a ton of plays to make sure I was past the honeymoon phase. I’m not going to go into extreme detail of every aspect but the fact is, every time I play Deadpool, I walk away in a better mood than when I stepped up to it. The pin is just pure fun. Pinball is an ideal stress relief for me and even as I rotate games in and out, none can quit reach the level of fun of Deadpool.

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