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9 years ago
very boring flipper...colorful but is not enought..
10 years ago
n°1 under every aspect, from sound to playfield layout, from speech to toys...a must have, even if is not the most difficult one...good to play for novice and quite hard to master for expert players...
try it and you'll love it forever..
10 years ago
very fast and simply fun pinball...not resell never!
very understimated pinball..good work Steve!
11 years ago
very boring and ripetitive game...don't like it for nothing..:(
11 years ago
very fun, with deep ruleset and not easy to manage...
cool the shaker motor...a must have pin in collection!
11 years ago
played a lot of ball..nice flipper but nothing can see that is a Stern pinball, very far to Bally/Williams..flat game, some interesting toys and feature..but can't convince at all...and pheraps it is one of the best stern's Pinball..:(
11 years ago
..very nice flipper with cool toys, cool feauture (the challenge with gun, the mine ecc), but sure not the best against the top like MM or AFM...obviously IMO..:D
11 years ago
i like this pin particularly..i don't know why but there is a feeling, a charme that involve me in playing many and many times..not the best but sure one to try at least at once in your pinball career!!
11 years ago
a fun games to play in humor and in relax. not a challenging game, cool toys and theme...very nice the karaoke on DMD display with the Flintstone's song..yabbadabbadoo
11 years ago
very very fun pinball to, various, deep rule and not easy to master..only few toys, but peraphs this is a good idea, like the open playfiled..
and final is a rare pinball to find in Italy!never resell it!:D
11 years ago
One of the best flipper ever made..some ancestral power when you play it...just bought one and never resell it!!
A must have pin for anyone!!
11 years ago
peraphs not the deepest rule pinball but a lot of fun and humor...for its period the ologram was a beautiful toy and mechanism...the more i play the more i like this pin...
take it in your collection if you have the possibility..
a very good jump in the past in the 60's drive in...A++
11 years ago
i'm not a big star trek fun (but the sound track that is mighty!)but this is a very fun pin...many thigs to do and the flow is excellent like when if you are able to activate many mission togheter...a must have pin for the collectros but also for playing many hours of excitement...i'll never resell it..
11 years ago
A huge game, with many of toys, humor and true rock....a must have pinball for any collector..don't miss it and don't resell it for any reason..
12 years ago
very solid game pinball with many things to do...I suggest to play it the more fast you can (inclined body) it's very fun!!
a must have for a collector..
12 years ago
a very good pin , fast, quite deep rules and challenging shots..simply and very fun..9,5/10
12 years ago
a under rating pinball in my's not bad..the theme is nice and colorful and have a good lastability..try it and you'll get fun..
12 years ago
what i can say?it's the best and more complicated machine ever made!I've disassemble one to clear all the parts (included the screws) and i've seen the complexity of all toys and playfield..I prefer more fast pin but this is a one must have-machine..bu0y it and you enjoy it!
12 years ago
This was my first pin..a quite fun game..the artwork it's not my favourite (the design it's too confused), very good the 180° ramp quite difficult to get, the music is quite good..
Data East was a step less than the Williams/Bally's clear...
12 years ago
I love this game.I've played it for several times in the past and i'm not yet's less complicate than other pin but have a special charme that that enchants..Try the SHOWTIME (Multiball) in a dark's fantastic..just one's quite simple to master all the mansions...a one to have - pin...
12 years ago
A very fun pin!
If you can enter in the right concentration, your shot will became more accurate and you enter in a blasting game very very fast and you can feel the taste of destroing everything expecially during the multiballs..Highly raccomended!
12 years ago
Was a great pin!
Fast, deep rules, difficult to master and a beautiful atmosphere..
I've a like new one and i'll never resell it!..