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1 year ago
A perfect execution of easy to understand rules, art, sound, layout and theme.
1 year ago
An extremely fun game with a very limited ruleset. Probably the easiest pin I have to achieve wizard mode on. As a single pin in a collection i could see boredom setting in but as part of a larger collection it will see lots of play.

Cabinet and playfield artwork.
Best backglass of any B/W pin
Simple ruleset that is easy to comprehend and achieve without before hand knowledge.
Great sounds, callouts and innuendo
Great playfield layout

Simple ruleset might leave something to be desired in a small collection
1 year ago
I found an absolutely pristine A13 that I purchased. I found the DMD animations and the video mode to be among the best among that era's pins. I also thought the build quality was really good. The cabinet and playfield appearance were also among the best of the era.

The Pros:
Cabinet and playfield artwork
DMD animations
Video Mode
"Novice Mode" (terrible name) which started a single ball game with a long ball save (great for parties since you didn't have two wait around for people to take their turn.
Machine seemed to be very well built.
It's a great theme

The Cons:
The music was repetitive
The callouts were repetitive
Overall sound quality was pretty meh
The rocket shot was extremely easy off the left flipper and the ball almost always returned to the left flipper for another easy cradle and shot back into the rocket
13 ball multiball is progressive over multiple games, the ball drop overwhelmed the flippers and was only novel the first couple of times it happened
The "center eject" hole by the pop bumpers constantly got the ball from the pops and then ejected back into the pops only to receive the ball again over and over
Overall the game has a very "clunky" feeling to it.

If not for the 13 ball drop gimmick this pin wouldn't even rate in the top 300
1 year ago
30 Bally/Williams in before I got an MM. always hear the raves about it. Finally owning one, is it really that good? Yes, it is
2 years ago
Let this review serve as a call to unity among IJPA owners, modder or non modder, incandescent or led, even the heretic back stop removing mode hole foamers. Let us gather hands in unison and bow to the one true deity Bally/Williams and from this day forth I declare the month of August to be sacrosanct. For it was August (in the year of 1993) that the one true deity deigned us worthy.

During the scared month whilst the true believers forsake the pagan SAM and SPIKE. So too shall they shun SPIKE II. Yeah, verily, during this month shall even your false idol GnR's be unplugged from the wall lest they be powered on and accidentally permitted a brief display of attract mode.

This game is a 10

So it is written, so shall it be.
2 years ago
Doesn't have the smooth shots of something like Demolition Man, simple ruleset but still a pretty fun pin.
2 years ago
Hard not to give this pin a straight 10 when you factor the current going rate you can pick up an excellent condition unit in. Pinside needs an average price / rating graph ranking on pinball machines and that would put this one near the top.

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