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2 years ago
I just got mine in a few days ago and have been playing it pretty heavy. What a fantastic title! The package is amazing -- artwork, theme, sound, integration. It probably has bar none the best sound in pinball, not just the music, speech and effects integration, but the actual speaker and amplifier system beats even new games. That, coupled with the light show and animation, creates a uniquely immersive experience.

I think it is a really good shooter and all the shots feel nice. Rules wise, it isn't insanely deep, but each scavenger hunt item has its own mode or function (kind of like Addam's Family's mansion), the drop targets are the multiplier, trap lights the megamode, the knight targets light the catapult kickback, etc. It's very simple and straight forward, but deep enough to interest both a beginner or expert.

As a full package, I think this game offers everything you could want from a pinball machine. Like Whirlwind for me, it's just good, old fashioned, fun pinball. An immersive theme with great lighting and artwork, coupled with a really fun shooter with solid, but not overly complicated rules, that puts a smile on your face each time you press the start button.

It is a real shame that this game is so rare. I paid a lot for mine, maybe too much, but I'm extremely happy to have it in my lineup and think it will be a stalwart for years to come. Icing on the cake is having that machine all your pin buddies come in and gravitate towards because they've never seen or played it :)
2 years ago
One of the few machines I've gotten really early on. Thematically, it is excellent if you are a Led Zeppelin fan, which I am. It's awesome to see the tour footage and hear the songs while playing. I like the artwork of the Pro cab the best of all of them by far as well. The Premium is just so bland with the LZ1 artwork and the LE just doesn't do a lot for me either, but I do think it is better than the premium. That drab grey didn't look great on an album cover, much less a 250lb pinball machine.

When I first played it, I was a little meh. It is a wide open playfield and doesn't have that immediate hooked feeling you get when playing Avengers or Deadpool or Jurassic Park the first time. However, as the plays racked up, I came to appreciate it more and more. It's a combo monster and when you really get it going, it is a super fast and exciting game even if there aren't a lot of toys and gimmicks to it. Furthermore, I wouldn't call it an easy machine. A lot of the shots are a little tight and to really get those combos takes a lot of skill. The lower inlane/outlanes require more nudging then I can remember in recent memory from a modern machine. It's almost EM like to keep in play sometimes down there.

The simplicity and strategy it requires makes me feel like people who gravitate towards EMs or early solid states may really love this machine ahead of some more recent offerings. It is definitely tailored towards skill, more traditional pinball playing and combo add ons, over a lot of bashing or mode based play. But, that is just in how the game is setup and styled, don't take it wrong and think that means the machine is slow at all, because it isn't. It is a fast player.

Overall, it is a very different style of game than what I feel Stern has offered over the last few years, but still fun and the theme is obviously great if you're a Zep fan.
10 years ago
For me, without a doubt the best pinball machine ever made. The theme, rules, gameplay, sound, everything came together perfect for a truly magical playing experience. I love this game and will never let it go.
10 years ago
I really enjoy BOP now and then, but it can get a little stale after awhile. I will say though, this has to be one of the best light and sound shows in the history of pinball!
10 years ago
One of the first machines where Lawlor experimented with what would become his classic style. Love the shaker motor and really enjoy the gameplay and artwork!
10 years ago
This game actually has a lot of flow and can be fast and brutal. I really enjoy it!
10 years ago
One of the spookiest pins I've ever played. The light show, music and gameplay are just eery and it's definitely a stop and go game, but a ton of fun. I really enjoy mine.
10 years ago
LOVE this game! The game where Lawlor hit his full stride!

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