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39 days ago
Had the game for six months and it’s still really enjoyable. It has to be on the most difficult setting so that you need to spell each letter of GOD which makes it challenging enough to always come back for more. The sounds are awesome except for the slingshot noise which sound like the tilt sound ‘back in the day’. I love the crossover shooter lane and a single bumper is perfect along with the two upper slingshots which just add to the fun. I love all the drop targets too. The build quality is amazing…playfield looks brand new after forty something years and so does the cabinet artwork. Backglasses don’t hold up quite as well with the usual flaking along the bottom. Artwork is exceptional and I love the reflective foil on the backglass which is unusual but just works. This game is so underrated compared to other games of the era mostly because most people have never seen or played one, except virtually. If you can find one, buy it!
1 year ago
Godzilla is so fast paced and smooth playing and that pop bumper is brutal but perfectly placed. The deep bass sounds almost make up for not having a shaker motor…almost!(I added a shaker motor & now it’s perfect).
I love the narration voice which is so 60’s it’s awesome…reminds me of the voice on the original Lost in Space tv show. My JJP Willy Wonka feels like gameplay is in slow motion compared to the pace of Godzilla. To me, this is the best Stern game produced and will be very hard for them to top.
1 year ago
This is a beautifully presented game and very good quality. Gameplay is smooth and flowing but I find the deep rule set quite difficult to understand. I enjoy it, but when I have a really good high scoring game, I’m not really sure what I did to deserve it. Candyman song is notable in its absence. Display has a little too much going on and like the gameplay; can be a tad confusing. One day…many years from now, I will reach ‘pure imagination’.
6 years ago
I wasn't expecting much when I saw Popeye for sale in a bar up the Sunshine Coast. The owner was sick of giving patrons their money back as it had a fault where it would reset the game when you touched the left flipper. I was amazed that it was in near perfect condition cosmetically and when i got it home the issue had magically fixed itself! I've owned it for a month now and am loving it. My family and I relate to the eco friendly theme as it's probably the only pinball that has this. I like the fast play, the side animal ramp and the swee pea mini playfield which is tricky but fun and up to 6 ball multiball. I enjoy the Bluto challenges as well and rescuing the animals by getting he loop shot. Once you work out all the rules it's not that hard to rack up high scores and I guess my only negative would be that occasionally the ball will fly off wildly when playing the top mini field and occasionally when the ball is spat out from the middle trough it will go straight down the guts(but maybe that's just my machine needing an adjustment). The music at the start of a ball gets a little repetitive and 'I'm gunna level ya' at the end...I wish they'd done a few different variations but it's no biggie. They could've done more interactive stuff with the DMD as well. I replaced the 2d with the original 3d Bluto head and a full led kit and it all looks awesome. I'm just glad that so many people whinge about this game so that I was able to get it for a bargain price compared to other Bally Williams 'superpins'. It would've been a lot better with more shout outs to tell people what to shoot for.
6 years ago
When I bought it as a project I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I do. If you weren't playing these Bally's as a kid in the 70's you probably won't get it but to me this was pinball at its best. The electronic sounds reminds me of 'Lost in Space' the TV show especially the sounds at the end of the game. I'm sure David Christensen had a thing for Joanna Lumley when he did the playfield as the blonde on the lower left looks just like her (she still looks good today, btw). The right spinner is really hard to hit from the left flipper but other shots just take time to get right. The layout looks a bit thrown together but somehow it works a treat. My favourite of the wide bodies.
6 years ago
I played this as a kid and this is my favourite of all the electromechanical machines that I've ever played and owned. It has an awesome theme and the colours and artwork really pop. The playfield is beautiful as is the backglass and the placement of spinner, bumpers, lanes and targets is spot on for smooth and fast gameplay (especially if you increase the playfield angle). I prefer the two player Gottlieb's over the wedgies because it's nice to vs someone else and I like the mechanical chatter of these on startup. Oh, and being the last of the Gottlieb em's it has a decent door and coin entry plate that don't rust away!
8 years ago
This is one of the best and most challenging em pinball machines. People go on and on about the targets not resetting...I like it the way it is as most of the time you don't get them all in a game and if you do, the challenge of getting the bonus hole is enough for me. I love the sound of the chimes when you get all the targets and the four lots of bonuses score. These machines were really popular when they were on site 'back in the day' and made good money for the of whom recently bought my machine off me because he remembered it so fondly. It will be missed.
8 years ago
It took me a long time, but I've finally realised that a game doesn't mean much to me unless it evokes memories of my childhood. This is the game for me that brings it all flooding back. The sounds are awesome especially the background sound and the intensity of the sounds. Gameplay is fast, flowing and smooth and I always want just one game. The cabinet's just a bit generic except for the word Firepower under the coin door but the backglass and playfield are beautiful.
8 years ago
This is one of my favourite games...I enjoy playing it almost as much as the original! I know they cut costs and it's only two ball multiball etc etc... Play is fast and the sounds are awesome and take you straight back to '83. I especially like the bonus hold award at the end of the game when you think you're done and it fires off the bonuses like a machine gun. Love the 7 digit display; clocking a machine and not seeing that high score because it only has the 6 digits takes away some of the fun for me.
9 years ago
Nice space theme, simple yet fun and not as much of a drain monster as many of the Williams of the era. Great artwork!
9 years ago
My review might not be particularly relevant to those of you drawn to newer pinball machines. For me, this was my youth and I played this game a lot then and still love much so that I sold mine years ago and missed having it in my home and bought another. Once you install the all in one board you will have a machine that'll last forever! It looks good, plays fast, smooth flow and has all the drop targets you will ever need. The quad flipper design means you can bounce the ball off them or let it run down to the next flipper for more accurate shooting...there are a lot of variations and it's a fun tournament machine. I'm glad so many were imported into Australia as they are more likely to be found in the depths of someone's shed rather than have gone to landfill as I believe so many did in the States.
10 years ago
I'm a fan of Mad Mel, Ms. Foster and James Garner and the movie, so this machine is perfect for me!I love the card theme and the abundance of drop targets. The paddle wheel is a nice feature as are the 4 skill shots at the start of the game(don't forget the shot at the captive ball under the Lauren Belle). It is a challenging machine that many overlook because of the colour of the cabinet...big deal, it's unique! Others who don't like it have never even figured out the rules or complain about the paddle wheel slowing things when lots of fun games have toys that slow the flow(Ferris Wheels in Cyclone, Hurricane & Comet - Cannons in T2, ACDC, Star Trek etc...) It's also nice that my wife actually enjoys playing Maverick too as it was initially her idea to go look at one. My only issue is that they were lazy with the DMD and could have done way more fun things with it just as more mini games, shoot outs, gunfights etc. They also could have done more with the sound as the voices are often drowned out by the music and there's not enough variation in the callouts.
10 years ago
When I first bought it I thought it needed more drop targets and it looked like they wasted a big chunk of space up the top right side. Since owning one for a while, I still think so but I also enjoy the game play and find it very challenging, fast and enjoyable. I love the look of the cabinet, back glass and play field.
11 years ago
Nice flow and needs some nudging to stop it draining the sides, the sounds are pretty ordinary but that's how I remember them and it was okay in '78 and still is for me. I'm not a fan of the 'Mitchell's' artwork on the backglass but the playfield and cabinet are okay. I like the drop targets and the bullseye alley. Wish it had a 7 digit display so it would register the high score ...the only way around this is to get in the 900,000's and sacrifice the ball and hope the bonuses don't take you past a million which is back to zero!
11 years ago
I haven't owned many em's and it's been a lot of years since I played most of them but I remember being drawn to this machine way back when.My fondness for this machine also stems from the fact that I bought mine back from the dead and committed so much time and effort into getting it working properly that it would be hard for me to part with it. I like the way the early 70's Williams used the 'pointy art' and the vibrant colours on their machines. Klondike can be a brutal side drainer and requires a lot of nudging to keep the game going for a decent amount of time, but when those reels line up and the extra balls and credits are awarded, it's a great feeling. I have mine at a steep angle so play is fast...the outhole closest to the flippers causes the ball to crack against the glass which is annoying but it makes you think more about the way you play your shots . I especially like there being a 100,000 light as you want some recognition for 'clocking' it.
11 years ago
I love the artwork on the cabinet and backglass. I think they skimped a bit on playfield goodies...they must have been concentrating on getting SS machines up and running! I still enjoy gameplay but you can run out of things to do after you down the three drop targets...would be nice if they reset during a ball.
11 years ago
This is the only game I've sold that I miss. I don't regret selling mine as the playfield had raised inserts that ruined the gameplay but I hope I find one in nice condition (that I can afford,) one day. I think it's the best Pinball Machine every made as it has so much to do and Rudy is such a character he becomes part of the family : )

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