Krakov Pinball Museum

Krakov Pinball Museum

By Thatveryniceman

August 18, 2017

10 months ago

My wife Lynn and I went to Krakow in Poland for a weeks holiday in February 2017. It's a fantastic place and we loved it all, but by far the city's best attraction for us is it's Pinball Museum located in a basement not far from the Castle. It has around 50 classic machines and for around £8.00 you can play unlimited pinball there all day. What we thought would be an hours entertainment turned into a 14.5 hour marathon over 3 visits and our addiction, we were hooked and started searching online to buy our own machine even whilst we were there. We bought a nice Williams No Fear machine within days of returning and have recently bought a fabulous Bally Attack from Mars. We owe it all to Krakow's wonderful Pinball Museum, if you ever visit Krakow it's a must.

Mike and Lynn.

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