Im addicted. Its official.

By Temecupin

November 17, 2012

9 years ago

As a divorced dad who recently moved to a new area, bought a house and had very little furniture, it seemed a perfect time to indulge my childhood fantasy of owning my own pinball or arcade game. After months of looking around, I found a 1973 Gottlieb Pro-Football and made it my first game. After hours of figuring out how to even remove the glass, I spent hours more replacing all the rubbers(with no idea what I was really doing) and had a ball. I fell in love and added more games to the collection. Since then, I cannot stop stalking ebay, craigslist and other random internet sites for machines and I am slowly starting to learn how to fix some of the things on other machines as well. I one day hope to learn how to fully restore a game and have machines that others drool over solely by my doing.

Although I am not an older guy, I am much more a fan of EM games but still enjoy SS's. I have no idea where my collection will end...but I know that it will keep continuing until I run out of room.....and possibly including my garage.

I have met a ton of great people so far, and I haven't been doing this long at all. Can't wait to meet more. Everyone has been so intersting and amazingly nice. I think perhaps everyone understands the pinball bug. be continued

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9 years ago

Welcome to pinside!

9 years ago

Gtb. Pro football - fun game
Searching for games on C-list can be addictive :-)

9 years ago

Oh ya it is. I just bought a 66 kicker and a 78 World Cup and am picking them up tonight. Can't stop!! Someone help!! :)

9 years ago

Temecupin, I've got a few pins and live in Hemet. Shoot me an e-mail. [email protected]

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