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4 months ago
Wow, believe the hype! This is the real deal! It really has it all and the best Stern release since Iron Maiden and this is simply a much better theme and very family friendly. A classic and timeless theme where they got almost everything right. The callouts are the only (small) complaint. Other than that is darn near perfect. And congrats to Stern for correcting their playfield situation that could have bamboozled the whole thing!

If you don't own one you're definitely missing out!
5 months ago
One of the best initial releases in a long time!
6 years ago
Very early rating and some updates to the code needed but so far so so good! I love the overall look especially for the theme. This can only get better!
6 years ago
I finally got to see it and play it in person and was impressed right off the bat! Usually the Pro version still has a lot to be desired but this is pretty darn good in its early stages. Of course a little room for improvement but IMO heads and shoulders above most early Pros I've seen recently from Stern. I'm not a Metallica fan and hopefully a few of the songs grow on me but as far as play its fun! Looking forward to the LE!
6 years ago
Its an early review and I have only played it a few times. The only thing I can really say about this pin is the quality level is unmatched. It is built wonderfully! Other than that its just ok. I wasn't a fan of the theme and I hate the fact that there is no backglass. I think that a huge part of a pinball machine... make the dsiplay smaller and keep a nice backglass. The display is cool in a way but takes away from what pinball really should be. With future code it will improve but it is one that I will probably never own. At least I can honestly say that I have rated this title as fairly as I can to date unlike so many others. This pin does not deserve a 1 and it does not deserve a 10! If you are one of the many that rated it like this you are part of the rating system problem... Shame on you!
7 years ago
My favorite!
7 years ago
IMO the best pin ever made!
9 years ago
This pin took me a while to like but once I figured everything out I couldn't get enough. Take time to learn the ruleset and you'll love it!