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88 days ago
I am a Godzilla premium owner and it's probably the best pinball machine I ever played. It's like pinball on steroids. The shots are amazing. The light show is phenomenal. It's the total package that you want in a pinball machine.

People are pissed off that it's above Medieval Madness, but it's not even close.

Get over it. Godzilla is now the King of Pinball!
11 months ago
I know the Led Zeppelin Pro gets a lot of negativity. But if you look at it like a 70's pin on steroids, I think you can appreciate it more than judging it for what it's lacking.

The cabinet artwork is not the greatest. But it's a fun shooter, it plays very fast, and the ramps are fun to hit. Software is very strong and the music is great. Playfield artwork and the lighting is done very well also.
1 year ago
Let me start off by saying. I never saw the movie nor did I really want to. I ended up selling my Dialed in LE to get my Wonka LE and It was well worth it. It's shoots so awesome. Tons of fun. If you were on the fence about getting one because of the theme. Don't be. It's worth it.
1 year ago
If I had to give EHOH a negative it would be the side art on the premium. Other wise its a pretty damn awesome pin. Theme, Shots, Deep rule set, Light show, game play. Its the total package.
3 years ago
This is my second IM vault. Had to sell my first one after 3 months of owning it because I came crossed a great deal on a Hobbit, and need the money to purchased it. I regretted getting rid of it ever since. To me IM is the total package lights , sounds, art work, and pure fun. This pin kicks your ass in a good way. Its fast! Vault is the way to go on this title!!!
3 years ago
This is my forth BSD, and was lucky to find this one. A very hard pin to come by anymore. That tells you a lot right there. This one will not be leaving....... Its the total package when it comes to pinball for me!
3 years ago
This pin is badass! Steve Richie's is the man! When you play, this pin it's like flying a fighter jet. The ball flies around so quick, and you got to react in a Split Second. Love it!
3 years ago
Wasn't a big fan of the theme at first. Granite I'd like the Wizard of Oz growing up as a kid, but wasn't too sure of it being incorporated into a pinball machine. But let me tell you, this pin keeps on growing on me! The more I play it, the more I love it. It's hard not to like this machine. The shots, the sounds, the light show, it's the ultimate pinball machine! It's beautiful!
3 years ago
A fun mesmerizing pin. With the light show and sound. You can't beat it! Now if I can just figure out the rules, it will put it over the top for me.
4 years ago
Just let me start off. I really like Aerosmith as a group. I played this at pinfest when it first came out, and that was the one pin at the show that I kept on going back to. I loved it. Had to have one, so I ended up getting a pro. It's a very fun pin, but at the end it started to become repetitive for me. If I had room for larger collection I probably would have kept it. Pretty sure I would get one again, and this time, it would end up being a premium or an Le.
5 years ago
What can I say, one of Steve Richie's best! Flow flow flow! And very satisfying ramp shots!