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8 years ago
2.0 was the game changer. Game is brilliant.
9 years ago
I'm a huge fan of this pin. I think the entire design is well integrated and clever. If ATV was tied in to the main game it would be such a great game but this aspect of the game is really annoying IMO. A favorite of guest and I did a playfield swap in mine in 2012 making it a wicked fast pin. If you get a chance to play one give it a chance, it will grow on you.
9 years ago
Wh2O is a very fun and flowing pin. Do hate the VUK sound and the music can become too repetitive. If you can master the center shot the game is pretty beatable. A beauty of a pin and I did a full restore on mine. If the game had a true wizard mode it would be a keeper but getting to VJ is not that difficult in a home environment. Game does have great humor and some nicely nuanced rules. Bigfoot hotfoot and Gold Rush are nice extras.
9 years ago
Owned TZ for several years. Another PL pin that is too heavily designed around ramps. I found it became too easy to LITZ as the ramps set up door awards too easily. Avoid the left pops and the game is easily bearable. All that being said it is a classic and in a larger collection than mine would probably have longer legs.
9 years ago
Played TAF when it first came out in the 90s and dropped quarter after quarter. Was my first pin and enjoyed the hell out of it. Bear ramp is too weighted towards awards but an overall classic game.
9 years ago
Swapped in a new playfield in 2011 and the game is wicked fast. Simple ruleset but can still be an extremely difficult pin to beat. Mine is set up hard in all aspects and certainly helps the pin keep its spot in my lineup. I do think it is unfortunate the game has gotten so expensive, it is a great pin to own IMO.
9 years ago
BSD is my favorite pin to play so wanted to make it my first review. I think there are a lot of things that this game lacks but it is still the most addictive pin I may have ever played.