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4 years ago
I walked into Cactus Jack's in OKC totally surprised to see this at their arcade so I hopped on it right away, totally pumped to be able to play one. The game is fun and the sound is definitely the best of any game I've ever played, but it feels a little repetitive even after a few games. When I got done playing I had very little desire to play it anymore like I do other short ball time games like Iron Man. Basically, I find it fun to play and would play one on location from time to time, but it wasn't something I had a desire to own after playing (at least at this time). That may change over time.
6 years ago
Ok, this is going to be fairly long, but here is my review of AMH after owning it for a 6+ months. The game itself is very fun to play especially at the beginning, but over time there are issues that arise that keep it from attaining a better rating.

Construction--the game is pretty well put together from a cabinet standpoint and playfield standpoint. However, from a 'maintenance' standpoint, this game is going to be a lot more work than your new Stern game. You can expect to be pulling off the glass for a stuck ball or something fairly regularly. I had a servo go out almost immediately, broken link, etc.

Rules--This is where the game had issues for me over time, at least for my taste. Once you get fairly decent at the game, it is almost inevitable that you start Hotel and Doctor modes almost every game, while things like Theater ghost never get played. This turns the game into being very repetitive after a while, even with the funny lines it just gets old. You can try and aim for the other shots, but the level of difficulty is way harder on the pop bumper modes and jump ramp, so even if you try for them you most likely will end up losing your ball before you make it (or end up starting one of the other modes accidentally). Then there's the right kickout, which is kind of a mess for everyone it seems, down the middle from that happens all the time...which isn't bad because it saves it, but occasionally it will bounce around and exceed the timer, causing a lost ball via engineering defect every few games.

When you complete a ghost mode shot, then the shot kind of becomes useless from then on except for in other ghost modes. This is also kind of a bummer.

The modes themselves are fun and varied, which is great. It's just the frequency of certain ones vs others that kills it. It would kind of be like on AC/DC where you have 12 songs but it's setup so you only hear 2 of them in 90% of your games...I may like those songs, but it would be nice to not have to play them every game when there are others that are just as good.

Lighting was good. Sound in some aspects is good, other aspects not so good. There are some volume issues sometimes. The lines themselves are great, the only one that gets really repetitive is the ball save one since it gets shot down the drain so many times by the right kickout.

Basically, in summary, the game is fun and a good change of pace. If you're expecting it to be better than your average Stern pro game gameplay wise, it probably isn't going to beat most of them after the initial couple hundred plays because of the modes, and is going to require more upkeep. It does have a lot more charm and comedy than any Stern I've played though, which is great.
10 years ago
Stargate is a great game. 8 multiballs, 2 wizard modes and one mini-wizard mode, multiple ways to accomplish things, combo's, increasing jackpots, etc. Everything about the software on this game is top notch, one of the best of the 90's.

It's biggest downfall for detractors is that it's a Gottlieb, and a lot of people don't care for how they 'feel'. I didn't mind at all though.

I recommend upgraded flipper coils on the game, they really help with the ramps. The audio isn't the greatest, but it's not nearly as bad as every makes it out to be. It's actually pretty newbie friendly because of the audio, people always know where to shoot plus it has a lot of accessible mulitballs.

About the only downside to it is that it is a game that you can eventually master as it's not as hard as some other DMD games. Initially though it will seem really hard, harder than a lot of other games. After a while though you adjust and realize how to score better.
11 years ago
Finally got to log quite a bit of time on one while I was fixing it at my house. I own Tommy, did own JP, and wanted to own GnR...but not as much now. Between those three games, I'd definitely rate GnR the lowest as far as gameplay/rules go. Coolness factor though is off the charts, it just oozes coolness.

great music
modes are pretty decent, doubling the point value shot adds some variety.
shots are pretty decent to hit. Combo's are fun to do.

mechanically, like BF, the game is a disaster. Very poor engineering in several places..balls jumping off ramps or can't make it up, axl light which gets hit by balls, trap door which hits the railing below it, etc
The game starts on the same mode every time just like BF. That wouldn't be an issue except for there's no stacking (like BF), the mode doesn't change while you're playing that mode (like BF), and you can select it from the shooter lane as an option (like BF)
it's pretty easy, not hard at all other than just hitting the mode start hole (BF was much harder)

I also added the pinball pro complete system to this game and I can tell you it makes a significant difference in the sound, highly recommended on this game.

My general feeling is that this game would be great if:
you have 10 or more games
you have guests over a lot
are a casual player

I wouldn't recommend it if:
you don't like GnR the band
you have 5 or less games
you like hard games with lasting challenge

Overall, it would be fun game to own for a while for anyone, may not have the long term holding power but it's definitely worth a try.
11 years ago
TZ is kind of a mixed bag for me. I still don't quite understand why everyone thinks it's the greatest game ever. Sure, it has a lot of awesome things on it (clock, powerfield, powerball, gumball machine, etc) but at the same time it has some of the most boring and lame modes of all modern dmd machines. If you just look at the real modes:

clock millions: shoot the clock over and over
slot machine: shoot the slot machine over and over
spiral: shoot the spiral over and over
greed: shoot the greed targets, the only mode that requires some thinking, lol
clock chaos: shoot the clock over and over
town square madness: shoot anything, mainly bumpers

There's no real story or imagination there at all. No one shot, then hit this one, then hit this one, etc. You can stack stuff but the timers are so short it's basically pointless for the most part.

The multiballs are good and there are some cool shots with some good strategy (like the camera stuff) but it's a little lame that the main part of the game (the doors) are so lackluster.

My personal opinion is that the game is fantastic from a feature standpoint, but only ok from a gameplay standpoint. Games like TSPP basically took TZ to a whole other level and blew it away from a rules standpoint.
11 years ago
Figured that I should probably add some comments for Tommy after all this time. Tommy is one of the best games from the 90's, bar none. It basically has everything you could want in a game, tons of modes, multilevel multiball, cool toy (blinders), etc. The biggest thing though for me that it offers is a challenge, it is not your typical game from the 90's where you can start mastering it after a couple hundred plays and start getting bored. I think I have a couple thousand plays on mine and I'm no where close to mastering it.

Reasons why I love Tommy:
stackable modes
all the modes are different, no crap modes like TZ other than the video mode
main multiball has multiple stages and is very difficult
shots flow, layout is awesome overall
game is very difficult, hard to reach wizard mode
7 or 8 different easter eggs hidden in the game
extra balls that you have to collect in a certain order or they disappear
blinders are awesome
skill shot is a shot which actually takes skill, and can be very rewarding
very balanced scoring
awesome multiball intro, one of the best in pinball
the upper flipper has two of the most satisfying 3rd flipper shots in pinball
great music that has great variety, plus plays the pinball wizard song, how can you top that?
topper is brilliant

It's just a great game overall. You don't see them for sale very often, they didn't make very many of them and once someone gets one they usually don't let it go. I had to search for a year for mine if I remember correctly. The game really doesn't have any weaknesses, it's one of the most polished games I've ever played.
11 years ago
Batman forever is one of those games that could have been great but ended up kind of lackluster. I should probably state right off the bat, if you're a new or casual player, BF could be a great game for you. I tend to play quite a bit, hence what I'm going to discuss below.

The good:
very fast playfield
nice shots
some of the modes are cool
dmd graphics on the big screen are pretty nice
game is stacked on the playfield, tons of ramps, lots of flow

The bad:
the game mechanically has some design flaws. Lots of balls that fly off of rails, miss switches on ramps, etc.
only two multiballs (including the wizard mode). Pretty substandard for modern games. A game made the same year as Batman (Stargate) has 8.
Software bugs on the bat signals. If you shoot a bat signal and the ball hits the switch one microsecond after the signal has switched, you'll get no credit for the shot. On top of that, if you shoot a shot that has an animation and the signal changes while the animation is playing, it won't count either. Very frustrating.
And the worst part is...the game starts on the same 2 modes every time. So when you select start mission from the launch ball (which makes sense, because it'd be very difficult to make it to the wizard mode without doing that) you'll be playing the same modes over and over and over. And if you drain on that mode? You'll play the next mode on your next ball. Lame. Gets really repetitive.

Overall, Batman Forever is an 'ok' game but not great. The software is the biggest issue, another multiball or two + random start modes + better bat signal detection would move this game way up in the ratings. As it is though, it's not particularly good when compared to other games of the era.

Probably the best comparison is Star Trek: The Next Generation, since BF was basically a copy with mods of that game. When comparing those two games though, st:tng just blows Batman away. Better modes, way better ruleset, smoother gameplay, etc. And pricewise, st:tng isn't that much more.

So in summary, I wouldn't recommend buying a Batman Forever unless you don't care that much about rulesets, or unless you're looking for your first game...as a 'beginner' game it'd probably be excellent, as it's not that expensive and things that annoy me probably wouldn't even bother a new player (at least not right away). Save a little bit more money and buy a St:tng instead. Much better game overall.