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3 years ago
Fast fun game, really enjoy mine. Red line multiball is awesome. The lighting in the GI is a little dark.
6 years ago
great playing game. I have owned 2 originals and this plays very close not sure how the boards will hold up.
8 years ago
Picked a BOSS up about a month ago. Not a Ford or mustang fan. I am a car fan. The game play is fast and fun. I changed the music out thanks to another pinsider.
10 years ago
Game rocks. Stern did a great job this time not like the last 2 games. I rate it right up there with my AC/DC LTBR
11 years ago
Got LTBR this game rocks. All I can say is wow. It is crazy fast the light show is great, music is great. The bell is very cool. This Sterns best PIN to date.
11 years ago
Had this for a short time. Fun pin. Not my kind of theme.
11 years ago
Love this pin,fun ramps,lots of great shot. Music is just ok.
11 years ago
What a cool pin. Lots of shots. Don't know why I passed this pin up so many times. Lots of cool mods you can add.
11 years ago
Fun pin. Could be better with new code. Not worth the money you could get 3 pins just as fun.
11 years ago
This is based on LE. I have Decepticon #35. fast flowing game. I don't like the drop target many air balls. I don't like the clearcoat job they did. I like the theme. The sound is great. The game play is as fast as Spiderman I think it is as good as Spiderman. It is a very fun pin. Hope the code fixes a lot of the problems. I hope they fix the drop target.
11 years ago
This rating is for My LE #163 Very fast and fun pin. Love the 3rd flipper and right ramp.How can you rate TRON 1.075 . Your rating sucks.
12 years ago
I have 7 sterns SM,BDK,IM,FYG,POTC,LOTR,AVATAR LE.The sound is great the light show is cool. The back glass is the best i have seen. very fast pin and on the LE it has a power ball makes it even faster. I like it alot not as much as Spiderman. fun fun fun.
12 years ago
Fun pin I like the video. Not as fun as my AFM but fun. Have nucore on order. Have a Star Wars ep1 playfield new in box on order.
13 years ago
very funny and fun pin
13 years ago
very fast pin. Alot like spiderman. I own both. shaker is a must. The flow is fast. have it sitting next to MM.
13 years ago
very fun pin. Looks great sitting next to monster bash. I like to monster pins would like to get a cftbl and taf.
13 years ago
Fast fun game.Love the maginets.The monger is a cool bash toy.Sits next to spiderman and bdk
13 years ago
fun game. love all the toys. cabinet art is great
13 years ago
very fun game love the crane.will be better when new code is released
Update add a shaker,very nice,the more i play it the more i like it.I really like the joker muiltiball
Update after code update 2.9 then 2.94 this game rocks.
13 years ago
this is a great pin. the best .I own 5 pins,sm,gnr,lotr,cv,sttng.this is my fav.
13 years ago
what a great game ,love it. will not be leaving my collection. Not a big star trex fan.
13 years ago
fun game.Update I bought one of those and had to rerate it. It is a very fun game.I did not give it enough time on my first rating or did I know what the rules were. It is a keeper for know.
13 years ago
I gave this a 10 .what a great game,love the art work,game play is the best I have played I have 4 other pins,spiderman(stern),simpsons pp,gnr,cirqus voltaire .
13 years ago
what a great game.Added leds and home 2.0 chip.Fast game love it.
13 years ago
Have this pin is a good game.I am a Big star wars fan love to play music could have been better.Will keep.
13 years ago
Is a good game very fast play.Will keep this game in my collection.not as fun as spiderman but looks great sitting next to it.
13 years ago
It is an ok game not my fav.
13 years ago
great game added leds nice add on.
13 years ago
I own 6 pins(sppb,batman forever,star wars data east,adams,gnr.This is a great game. I added a shaker motor and leds.this should be in the top 10.
13 years ago
I have had this 2 months it is a great game.music is great.have 5 other pins star wars de and simpsons party,spiderman,batman,taf, pin.this one is my top right now.love the magnits.

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