I think I get it now

By tait316

February 16, 2019

3 years ago

So a few years ago when I first got infected, I was out to purchase my very first table.  I searched the interent resentlessly trying to find myself the perfect pin.  At the time I was in love with Black Knight 2000, one of the first pics I had actually played during my pinball awakening.  Within the month I had found it...the table I was searching for...within driving distance...at a reasonable price.  I had rented the truck, taken the money out of the bank and was all ready for me and my comrades to adventure into PA to pick it up.  Then I got the call.  Tait, I can't sell you the pin.  At the time he gave me what I thought were lame excuses.  How could he pull out of the deal?  How could he do this to me?  I was crushed.  I didn't understand.  Just recently I had some problems with my 2nd pin I had ever bought, Capcoms BreakShot.  A table with a fun atmosphere and a great story I had told on how I acquired it.  She's been having problems.  I have tried to pinpoint the errors but decided to trade her to someone who will take care of her.  Tonight as I was packing her up, prepping her for her travel, I cried, thinking of my life without her, of the good times we had, and the void she would leave in my life.  I know why that gentleman didn't sell me that pin just a few years ago.  His excuses weren't lame.  He loved that table.  He wasn't ready to let it go.  Now I understand.  I think I get it now.

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3 years ago

Great story it’s amazing how attached we become with our pins.

3 years ago

I traded my first pin, F-14 Tomcat, for a TMNT, I spent hours testoring that tomcat and really regret not having it in my line up, especially because thats what started it all for me.

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