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8 years ago
Kind of a one trick pony - stack the multi-balls. But it's very hard to do, and very fun/satisfying when you do. Mist Ball toy is pretty awesome. Tough playing game with brutal outlanes, and wide middle gap if using lightning flippers.
8 years ago
Excellent Pat Lawlor game that is generally under appreciated. Love the very unique playfield design that makes this game feel very different than a lot of other games. Great use of the shaker motor, great toys, and just a very fun game.
8 years ago
One of the best Data East DMD games. Kind of an Addam's Family ripoff, but it works.
8 years ago
Pretty fun game, but sometimes just lasts too long. Really like the Ship and spinning disc toys.
8 years ago
Very good, fun game with great flow. The Warp ramp is awesome. Lighting is awesome. Great multiballs. The modes on the game are so-so - mostly trying to just get past the modes to get to the multiballs.
8 years ago
Best Bally/Williams DMD game IMO. They went ALL OUT on this one and it shows. Great for beginners or pro's with easy to understand rules, but complexities to really up your scoring potential. The only negative to game play is that Phantom Flip is no good - so just turn it off LOL.
8 years ago
TWD LE has a great modified fan layout with an excellent variation of long and short shots. The killing zombies premise works great and IMO it's the best serious monster themed pin since Bram Strokers Dracula. There are a lot of game play toys on the LE too, more than any other Stern. It's a challenging game that keeps increasing in fun as you understand the rules. Great job Stern!

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