Thanks to all from a new pin-aholic

Thanks to all from a new pin-aholic

By T-Tommy

December 28, 2017

1 year ago

Retiring from the post office after 42 years, I have time to pursue some interests. Having owned a TZ for 13 years I wanted to learn how it worked. Mainly because I wanted to be self sufficient if it needed some attention. I have spent the past year doing some research. I have learned a ton. Thanks to all the pinsiders for your intelligent posts on a variety of topics. I just had to Google a subject and up popped a Pinside post that explained it.  I came across Terryb's post on soldering. I was fascinated. I didn't realize how much soldering was an art form. Thanks Terry. A special thanks to Chris Hibler for fixing my opto board. You did an awesome job. Your shipping and payment system worked flawlessly. A huge thanks to Clay H. I have spent a lot of time on your repair site and your Webzine. Watching a real repair in someone's home is invaluable compaired to reading a manual. I also listened to all of the TopCast recordings. I reluctantly started to read the EM repair info and was surprised that I became interested in it. I will be purchasing a High Hand very soon. I expect to spend many joyous hours getting my hands dirty. Looking forward to hanging out at Pinside.

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