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2 years ago
Game is clunky and nothing will fix that. Code is shallow and repetitive, hopefully can improve with updates. Art and music are awesome. It's got a long way to go to be much more than mediocre at this point.
2 years ago
I always loved the layout and gameplay of Spider-Man but usually got tired of it quickly. Smashing the all down and destroying sandman over and over for big points just got old quickly. And then I woke up, watched a couple tutorials and really discovered the nuance of the rule set and the scoring. The game flipped 180 on me and instead of chopping wood over and over on a couple of key shots for what I thought was decent points, has gone to a game where I strategically make a bunch of different shots, trying to pull in more of the modes, and more importantly, the shot multipliers on the right shots, at the right time. The rush of completing a mode and getting the right shot multiplied, and then bringing in something big is really fun and completely changes the feel and fun factor of the game. It's one of my favorite games in my collection. Anyone that previously has dismissed Spidey should take a new look at it with fresh eyes and a new way of exploring the game and ways to score on it.
3 years ago
Alien is a great game. The layout does a good job of utilizing the full space of a widebody machine. There's plenty of shots and most of them are very smooth and well dialed in. The audio is outstanding and well integrated with the game. The rules are a little difficult to follow but just takes some time. The "toys" are very well integrated and pull the theme together - the alien head lock is one of the coolest toys I've seen in recent pinball. My biggest issue(s) with the game is that the upper right flipper does not have a consistent shot to feed it, and that flipper is critical for the extra ball and super jackpots and other shots during the game. you have to get lucky in getting a shot to feed the flipper properly (even a combo of right lower flipper to the mid left flipper to the upper right flipper is not 100% as the ball often will bounce into the pops and out instead of hitting the target and then coming back down to the upper right flipper). The playfield and plastics artwork and animations are really well done. Personally, I can't stand the cabinet though. Aesthetically and functionally this is an issue for me. The lockdown bar/glass has sharp corners, the glass with bezel is very heavy and a PITA to remove, the cabinet while being cool that the art is backlit, looks like there's hardly any art on it with too much black space. The modularity of the cabinet could be a winning notion though if pricing on future modules comes down.
3 years ago
Aerosmith is one of Borg and Lonnie's best. The layout is absolutely fantastic - I love that each ramp can be hit with either flipper, the execution of the skill shot is the best as I've seen in any modern game - it's challenging and rewarding, and the fact that there are essentially three different skill shots that are really well integrated into the rules is amazing. I love being able to build my box locks and then quickly try and lock them via the skill shot before the auto fire kicks on. Likewise, if I'm close to getting a lock for the elevator it's really fun trying to get one of those orbit shots via a quick skill shot. The rules are nothing special but they really fit the layout and the theme well. they are straight-forward, but at the same time the little bit of nuance with what is added to the game if you complete certain modes is really well integrated. The game is just straight out fun to play despite it's basic rule set. The art is fantastic despite it being based on Aerosmith. I'm just glad I can tolerate Aerosmith music so I can play this fun game. If it was any other theme or band that actually resonated with me I'd own this pin in a heart beat.
4 years ago
Absolutely stunning and beautiful game. Would love to have one just as a show piece. However I find it just to be tiring and repetitive. Toys are well integrated with theme though.
4 years ago
Fast, furious, brutal and really damn fun. Two things I think are lacking in Iron Man - better artwork and deeper rules. The toy (Iron Monger) is epic in how cool it is even though it's just a stupid toy coming out of the playfield. It's fun. Maybe part of why I love this game is because it's simple. Who knows. It's just fun.
4 years ago
Another game that was bashed - terribly - when first launched, however has become a timeless classic. "too many cheap drains" or "the outlanes are too brutal" seemed to be every other word about this game. Give it some time, learn YOUR game and those drains quickly become rewarding saves. Couple a unique and challenging layout together with the BEST CODE in any STERN yet and you have your self a winner. Playfield artwork is perfect for this theme, backglass could have been better IMO, side art was well done too even if it's just photoshopped from stock TWD assets.
4 years ago
Another Ritchie masterpiece. The depth of strategy in the game is amazing and it's a well suited pin for home players. Start modes right away, go for locks, build your playfield multiplier, how do you start? Owning the game gives you plenty of time and options to figure it out. Great shots, fun backhands, and high risk/high reward type shots gives this game a unique feel. Playfield artwork is sub-par, but the LE backglass and side art is an amazing piece of hand painted fantasticness.
4 years ago
This game is a masterpiece. The artwork is amazing, fresh, and unique. The rules compliment the layout nicely and are well integrated into the theme. Some people have bashed the layout because of "cheap drains" and being too difficult, but it's the same story as when TWD first came out. After a handful of plays you learn how to anticipate most of that and the cheap drains go from being frustrating to rewarding as you make the saves. Music is top notch, every time i start spook central I get into the groove. Top 10 pin by Trudeau with amazing Zombie Yeti artwork.
5 years ago
Love the playfield and cabinet artwork but really don't care for the translite artwork. Game is super fun, but gets repetitive in play. callouts from the band while being cool they are from the band don't sound great and get old listening to.
5 years ago
Wonderful game that totally brings you into it. This has to have the best build up and anticipation ever in a pinball for when you start multiball. The "THING" toy was so novel and creative for it's time as well.
5 years ago
Beautiful game. Fun to play. Repetitive rules similar to other games in it's genre.
5 years ago
Another incredibly fun pinball machine. Rules get stagnant and repetitive but it's simply a fun game.
5 years ago
Lawlor's Best. Beautiful game with great rules. True marvel and challenge for players of all levels.
5 years ago
Incredible game. Rules are pretty boring though.
5 years ago
My grail pin. The Lord of the Rings is a journey and this pinball brought that theme to life in your very own pinball journey.
8 years ago
My favorite pin. Absolute blast to play.
8 years ago
Sounds are awesome, but game play is boring. Difficult to tell where the highest scoring shots are, poor communication of intended targets. Right outlane visibility is absolutely HORRIBLE to the point where I don't like playing 'cause you can't see how to nudge the ball to save an outlane drain...
9 years ago
Rating is based on my LE version. Modified difficulty settings to make things a little easier. Unless you are a world record pinball player the default settings are extremely difficult which may be contributing to some of the posted lower ratings.

Overall the gameplay is really fun and fast paced. The left and right ramps make alternating shots very enjoyable. Two outer orbits and the center Optimus Prime orbit speeds the play up. The game is also innovative in it's fundamental strategy - being able to pick decepticon or autobot for the modes you wish to complete is kinda cool. The pop bumper lanes are also unique in that there are two strategies for lighting the inserts - depending on which faction you chose to begin with, lighting one set establishes your end of bonus multiplier while lighting the other set allows a bonus multiplier to be set on the next relevant shot (similar to Avatar). From a skill shot perspective the game is also pretty unique in that there are approx. four different skill shots to choose from - the pop bumper inlane shot, the megatron upper drop super skill shot, the nest hunt for decepticons layup skill shot, and finally holding down the left flipper and trying for the iron hide ramp skill shot. Good variety with each on haivng their own specific rewards.

The iron hide upper playfield is only activated after a certain number of ramp hits so it doesn't affect flow; when it is engaged it's pretty fun as a toy gimick. Not as cool as the path of adventure from Indy but an extra feature none-the-less. The Starscream hurry up is also pretty cool (and extremely challenging). If you're skilled enough to let the ball roll up and over the left flipper onto the right flipper and then time the shot getting the shot isn't that tough...

The sounds and lights are absolutely fantastic in this game as well. Maybe it's my love of transformers, but it's a whole body experience when you've got multiball going and all the sounds and lights are taking you everywhere.

Overall the sounds, lights, fast game play, multiple moving features (StarScream, Optimus Prime, Iron Hide playfield) really make this a great game. The difficulty of the game I think will also make it lasting and enjoyable. I don't see myself getting to Cybertron any time soon but I do see it happening sometime...