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5 years ago
I ran accross one of these in imacualte shape at a good price and I have always wanted a wide body so I figured I'd give it a shot. It is the worst of the wide bodies I have played le me get to the details.

Theme: worst ever
1. no chick on a pin should have facial hair even if she is alien. The cabinet art isn't bad.

Sound: I actually like the sound. not as good as black hole or haunted house but it's kinda spacey and cool. in a 1981 kinda way

Game Play: There really isn't any good shots to speak of this is one of those tables where I feel like im just moving the ball around for no reason. The flipper layout is very differnt and kinda seems useless most of the time

Take away: Not a pin for an enthusiast you will get bored wit hit and find yourself wanting a black hole or haunted house.
5 years ago
My first DMD pin.

Great game one of the best DE games made. Family friendly game that both kids and adults enjoy. Great DMD animation. Sounds are great and exciting. Even after I have played most of the top ten rated games T-Rex is still one of the coolest toys ever put in a pin only one in my opinion that is cooler toy wise is MM.

Pros: One of the most iconic movie themed games out there. Raptor pit, T-Rex and a good multiball keep you coming back for more. If you have kids the look on their face every time T-Rex eats a ball is priceless.

Cons: No drop targets, figuring out the rules can be a bit confusing at first I thought

Take away: If you don't have one buy it now. A game that I think will only keep rising in value. I'm honestly surprised it's not ranked higher.
5 years ago
This was my first pin and set my addiction in motion.

Pros: Great theme, the car sounds are awesome. a blast to play. Williams quality and a great early Steve Richie design.

Cons: A lot of ones you find the playfields are destroyed. Wished the traffic light targets would have been drop targets.

Take Away: Great game a blast to play. lots of great features and fun for a pin typically found for under $1000. Great starter pin for those not ready to step into a DMD.