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64 days ago
Great use of the mini-screen on the playfield (much better than Star Wars) and fun to play.
83 days ago
Really fun pin, but shots on left side are hard to hit which makes the game play a little center and right dominant. That being said, the unique ramps and ball locks are great and a nice change from more typical playfields. Really enjoyed this pin!
3 months ago
The theme integration is as good as I’ve played. Really engaging and great video clips. Biggest complaint is no real satisfying shots, the one flipper mini-playfield needs a second flipper and the gate in the middle of the playfield is distracting (should have been a spinner).

I appreciate the unique layout, but also wish that EVERYTHING is up close as that plays a role, I think, in the lack of that one really satisfying shot.

Still a really fun pin.
8 months ago
Pretty fun to play a game or two, but the center ramps are just too dominate a feature. I like the ball lock a ton, but can’t get over the center ramps/Newton ball contraption in the middle of the playfield.
8 months ago
Lots going on here and I like the unique playfield and bumpers on the left hand side. Still, the right post on the left ramp “gets in the way” an awful lot and leads to outlane drains pretty regularly, especially if you are trying to hit the scoop from the left flipper. I’d like it a lot more if the ramp was a bit narrower to get that post out of the middle of the playfield.
8 months ago
This one is just okay for me. The loop is fun, but not nearly as good as the Hyperspace loop on Star Wars Premium/LE. Rest of the shots and layout are okay, not great.
8 months ago
Really surprised how much I liked the shots on this pin. Great ramps, especially the one that comes out of the head, and quality shots all over the playfield.
8 months ago
Really fun classic with all kinds of unique shots and upper playfield, etc. a more interesting Addams Family.
8 months ago
Not too many shots and the main center shot is close to the flippers so many SDTM if you miss the shot. The rules save this one, as it is kind of fun to try to win prizes, but the actual shots are meh.
8 months ago
Interesting layout with some good and rewarding shots. Doesn’t hold a candle to modern machines, and isn’t a classic. Not great, not terrible...
9 months ago
Fun pin that is a bit dated now (but isn't dated enough to be a classic). Loaded playfield has lots to do, but mods are a bit clunky, but the shots are fun.
9 months ago
Really cool pin. All the mechanical elements are in the back of the playfield allowing a massive area for the below-playfield screen, but I felt that screen was underutilized and really had a very limited role in gameplay. When I stepped up to the machine, I was actually expecting obstacles or other items to appear that needed to be hit or avoided and was disappointed when that wasn't the case. What is the point of having that much area for a screen then? Still well made and good shots.
9 months ago
This is a solid pin that would be worth owning if you could get it at a bargain price. Nothing too great or too terrible. Just solid all the way around.
9 months ago
Really beautiful pin, but gameplay is dominated by the center scoop and the ramps are not smooth.
9 months ago
This is basically a better version of The Beatles in terms of layout. I really appreciate that is is unique, and like the pop bumper on the right and the awesome ball lock mechanism. However, this playfield, like The Beatles, could really use a ramp or two to allow for a clean and satisfying shot that the game is otherwise lacking (except for the orbits).
9 months ago
Fun toys and a good layout, but that center rail is so distracting and the game is just missing the magic of other games from that timeframe.
9 months ago
Yikes! Love the theme and the artwork, but I spend most of the game hitting the backside of the upper flippers and the game desperately needs ramps. I love orbits as much as anyone, but this one really only has one orbit, no ramps and an upper flipper that launches straight off drop targets SDTM. I like the spinning record, but this could have been so much more.

On top of that, it doesn’t even have my favorite Beatles songs!
9 months ago
Good for what it is... a pin that should be in every dive-bar in the world. I like the toys, especially the punching in the upper right of the playfield, but the center is a little to big of a target and the layout causes airballs like crazy.
9 months ago
Under-rated classic. Love the train ramp, and the “bad guys” that pop up. Great layout and fun theme. One of my favorites of the older generation.
9 months ago
Yikes! This playfield is so crowded and obscured by ramps that I couldn’t see half the game. Not sure why others like this so much, but to each their own...
9 months ago
The left ramp that leads around and below the playfield might be my favorite ramp in pinball. But, did they really need to put in two scoops? So much stop and go on this pin, really detracts from the great right to left orbit and the left ramp shot. Slimmer is an okay toy, but nothing amazing.
9 months ago
The upper playfield seems off to me. Obscures a lot of the playfield and doesn’t really fit with the lure fan layout and flow ball below.
9 months ago
A classic and fun pin! Love the use of the black glass as part of the game (sort of). Wish a modern pin did this! Like the bash toy and modes, but overall a solid pin, not a great one.
9 months ago
This is a great pin! So much going on in the playfield, but doesn’t feel overcrowded to me. I’ve never seen the show, but that didn’t take away from the game for me, plus it “seemed” like it was a great theme integration. One of my favorite pins, and I love the use of magnets in the game, but a lot of the bash shots lead to a deadened ball followed shortly by a SDTM. Still love it though!!
9 months ago
Playfield is a little crowded and bash toys a little big, as the lamp gets in the way of a lot of the shots and kills the flow, but still a fun pin. I love the spikes that come up just above the inlanes, that is awesome! And in generally, one of the best use of magnets in any pin!!
9 months ago
I love the way this shoots and it is sort of like a modern day Attack from Mars! Good use of lockdown bar button and the counting of the warp shot is genious!
9 months ago
A true classic and amazing toys for when it was released. Fading a little over time for me, but still one of the best. Love activating all of the toys, but once that is done, I’m kinda ready to move on.
9 months ago
Loved the LE more than the Pro. For me, the center ramp lifting up provided much needed variety to that shot, and the left ramp mummy shot made the layout more balanced. I also think this might be the best plunge in pinball. Absolutely love plunging across the playfield into a clockwise orbit that goes straight to an upper flipper. Amazing!
9 months ago
I was surprised how much more I liked the LE than the Pro. Seemingly EVER difference made the LE so much better. I subway was really cool (as opposed to nothing happening when you “open the portal” in the Pro. Also the extra ramp fits well as it makes the playfield pop and is a tough ramp to hit, just like all of the others (because they are all steep). The Thor captive ball is so much better on the LE too.

All in all, this one really gives Jurassic Park a run for its money as best modern crowded playfield pin.
9 months ago
Definitely a classic, but if we are being honest, hitting the main saucer over and over again is fun, but it is also a really easy shot which makes it a fun game for 10 - 15 minutes, but after that it feels like you just do the same thing over and over again. I really like it, and would even own it, but much prefer Medieval Madness over it and the layouts are similar but I think MM is more interesting.
9 months ago
Not a huge difference in gameplay between LE and Pro, but differently a way more immersive experience. As soon as you start, the helicopter blades are spinning and the T-Rex is moving and it never stops. Raptor gate is most significant gameplay improvement over Pro.

One of the best pins made.
9 months ago
Not sure how this one is rated so high. I found the shots unsatisfying and a bit clunky. Also don't like the scoop on the right as it has an unfinished look to it (even though I like the integration as part of the arcade machine from a theme perspective).
9 months ago
This is a classic Ritchie pin with long shots into ramps and orbits. However, the third flipper is a waste on this pin and the main shot you hit with the third flipper is unsatisfying and often causes your ball to eject side to side and drain in an outlane. The plunge is uninspiring as well.

However, if you want to chill out and listen to some Led Zeppelin while playing pinball, this is the game for you. Shots are satisfying (other than plunge and third flipper), but the code is pretty uninspired, so it really is all about just the shots and the music.

Also, the more I play it, the more I like it!
9 months ago
This pin is just okay for me. Sort of a worse version of Deadpool.
9 months ago
One of the best modern pins and my favorite JJP. Great layout with well executed upper playfields. Lots of fun to play and never get tired of playing it!

Almost a perfect 10!
9 months ago
Not a big fan of this one. Layout seems disconnected, artwork is drab and dark, and just not a lot of fun to play.
9 months ago
This is such a tough pin to review. Lots of fun and great animations, but just the worst theme. It’s not even that it is an original theme that is the problem, it’s that the theme they picked is horrible. So dumb.

Hard to separate that from the overall enjoyment, and my rating reflects that.
9 months ago
One of the original sniper-style pins and a lot of fun to play. Interesting ramps and a bash toy give this pin a little bit of everything. One of the best of the “early modern” pins.
9 months ago
This is a very fun pin, but man is it annoying! While true to the original tv show (I grew up watching it), the sounds and music in this game from the beeping telephone to the theme music is really hard to take.

As for the game itself, I think the rotating area with the bat mobile and telephone looks pretty cheap, but the engineering and interest of that mech is first rate. I also really like the crane.

Game is more fun the longer you play, but the longer you play the more annoying the sounds and music are. Can I give one rating for having the game on mute, and another with the sound on?
9 months ago
One of the all-time greats! So much fun to play and destroying that castle never gets old!
9 months ago
The ultimate, and one of the first, “bash toy” games. Really fun to play in small doses, but not one to spend hours on. Another pin that would be great as a home pin though, especially as part of a group of pins...
9 months ago
Really disappointed with this pin. It’s like they tried to make a re-make of Attack from Mars, but fell way short. The use of video on the playfield is really inventive, but doesn’t look great in person.

Fan layout is pretty boring, and shots at the demo get old fast.
9 months ago
Pretty fun layout and the use of the spinning disk to start the multi-ball is really cool and a great interpretation of the theme. But... the game is not that fun to play and the spinning disk causes a lot of SDTM balls.
9 months ago
Modern day Medieval Madness! Love this game. All the shots involving the house are great, and like the trunk multi-ball and crypt. I do think the Elvira call-outs would be annoying in a home environment, but not for occasional on location play. Really fun pin!
9 months ago
A great game to look at, not so much to play. The center scoop dominates the play (in a bad way) and there are way too many multi balls (and I love multiball modes). Also, the upper playfields are really cool looking and satisfying to hit, but there isn’t much payoff or reward for hitting them... especially the upper left bass guitar.

Cool looking. Great sounding. But not that fun to play.
9 months ago
Fun game for a while and definitely a good value pin, but it is basically a bunch of orbit shots and it doesn’t feel as well made as a Stern or JJP to me. Not horribly worse, but slightly worse quality.

Fun to play on location, but would get bored if played it often.
1 year ago
This was the first pin I ever played. Used to go to the 7-Eleven and play it for hours. Combo shots between the ramps was so satisfying.

Lacks the depth of more recent games, but still a classic!
1 year ago
Love the look of the black and white playfield, but the mini pinball gets old and the game lacks interest after a few plays.
1 year ago
I love the upper playfield and the call-outs, but the rest of the game is pretty pedestrian.
1 year ago
A good pin that feels like what would happen if the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings pins had a baby— but somehow, it’s not nearly as good as either.

Nice fan layout with some absolute death shots thrown in, but I like the ramps and find the pick a character immersive and interesting.
1 year ago
One of the best multi-ball modes out there as I love the flip of the balls into the chest. However, the rest of the game is a bit boring.
1 year ago
Super fun but difficult pin. Like the gobstopper multi-ball and the sound and theme integration is awesome! Not sure why this game isn’t rated higher, other than how difficult it is. This would be a great pin for home use!
1 year ago
I like this pin, and think it is a solid game that is fun to play. The artwork is really good. Bash toy is decent, but the full shots are where it is at for me on this pin. I really like the Katana ramp and physical ball lock. Not really sold on the left horseshoe or the fact that the right orbit can leak into the shooter lane, but even with those criticisms, it is still a really fun game to play.
1 year ago
When set up correctly (which is critical on this game) it is really as good as pinball gets. Quality shots are rewarded and missed shots are often punished. Makes for a very rewarding game and has that, “one more game” quality to it.

With a shaker motor, it really is a great pin and is really exciting. The Hyperspace loop is the best “toy” I’ve ever played on a pin and the rules and modes are deep and fun.

It should also be noted that the Comic Art version, at least for me, is a game-changer. Pin looks absolutely amazing both on the playfield as well as the cabinet and back glass. Also, I think the hyperspace loop (on the premium and LE editions) absolutely changes the look of the game (as well as the play), which in no way looks like an empty playfield or that it is missing toys (as opposed to the Pro version). In short, if you have played Star Wars before, but you haven’t played a Comic Art Premium, you can’t accurate judge or rate this pin!

This has to be one of the top 5 pins for home use, as that environment allows you to dial in the setup and really learn the rules.

I own this game, but that is NOT why I rate it a 10... I own this game BECAUSE I rate it a 10!