Wondering if someone has info on KISS machine

Wondering if someone has info on KISS machine

By SuperTilt

June 27, 2017

1 year ago

I bought a KISS pinball a few months back and while talking with someone about it, he tells me my machine is the European version because the "SS" on the KISS backglass are not shaped like the lightining the band uses on their logo. Thinking of it, I guess it would possibly made sense not to use the lightining bolt style in Europe being that WWII was probably still too fresh in the late 70's but I am not quite sure if this is correct at all. Does anyone here has more information on the subject and know if this is accurate? I also wonder if this would make my pinball more or less desirable because of it. 

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1 year ago
The story is correct. The Euro version had the different font for the "S" on the backglass. Not sure how rare this is, as there were quite a few of these games built, and I'm sure many of them ended up overseas. I'd suggest that for an American collector it's actually LESS desirable, as one of the "brands" of KISS is the stylized font that everyone recognizes. In either case, the value of the game lies in how good the overall condition of the game is more than anything. Cool conversation piece though!

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