My pinball story

By SuperTilt

May 28, 2019

21 days ago

I always wonder how other people got into this crazy pinball hobby. I remember I was probably in fourth grade when I discovered pinballs. On my morning walks to and from school, there was this really old, hole in the wall bar where the "old guys" used to go share stories, drink some coffee and the ocassional beer or glass of wine, and at the very end of it there was a Big Ben pinball. EM unit, one player... that thing was awesome for a kid my age in the 1970's Buenos Aires times. I would pick coins anywhere I could to go buy a coupe of tokens and go play it. Then one day, one of the local community clubs put up a Dolly Parton and a Harlem Globetrotters, and my mind was blown away. a few years later, I discovered a Bally Space Invaders, a Paragon and a Black Knight at another community spot, and I would spend whole weekends with my friends playing those machines as well. Toward the end of the 80's they started popping here and there throughout the city: F-14 Tomcat and Dr. Dude took a whole summer away from me, playing time after time every chance I got. I moved to the US in 1991 and my first job was in the Downtown Miami Fl area, which back then was filled with electronic stores and tons of tourists coming to buy the latest that technology had to offer like VCRs and cordless phones. Right on Flagler Street there was a small arcade which had mostly video games but also had a Firepower and T2 pins, and every lunch break I used it as my one-hour break from life banging those things. Many machines came and went but those were the ones I remember the most. I've been lucky enough to own most of them and also had the pleasure of passing them along to other pinball fanatics that keep them going and enjoying the game. It is great to see they are now again quite popular, but the oldies are the ones closest to my heart. If you are still reading, I thank you for your time and would love to hear how you pinball life started.

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