Pinball in Apt? YES!! and more.

Pinball in Apt? YES!! and more.

By Supertasty

November 25, 2017

11 months ago

Living in Uptown, Minneapolis.

Moved from a 4,000 + square ft home in the suburbs to an apartment in the city.  

Sold my Baby Pac-Man, Olphausan pool table, air-hockey...but couldn’t let go of Pinbot.

Had no clue if it would fit.  In the meantime I found at least 5-people who wanted to buy it.  I almost sold it one day, as I thought “no way” is this going to work.

After much deliberation, I decided to move it over and give it a try.

So grateful I did.  

I also own a popcorn machine from THE movie theater in the Twin Cities during it’s time.

It came from the now-closed Mann Theater located on Hennepin Ave in Downtown Minneapolis.  I believe they closed sometime in the 80’s.

Made by Cretors & Co out of Chicago. 

All original, minus I spray painted the top fire engine red.  


  • Finally, I have one of those Japanese slot machines.  “Lion King”.  Had to disconnect 2 of the 3 speakers.  If you hit one of those bonus rounds...WOW - Of course it was made to be loud as this machine was actually in use in a Japanese gaming parlor.

So...the bottom line?  Exactly.

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