Space Invaders pinball

By supdebo

April 19, 2022

29 days ago

When Space Invaders widebody pinball came out in 1980 I was hooked. I held the top score until the arcade in a mall in Tennessee closed down (I told them they should donate the machine to me since I held the top score for like 38 years). So I am looking for this specific pinball machine to have of my very own. If anyone knows of a Space Invaders pinball machine that works, I would really like to know how to get my hands on one of these machines. Please oh please.

I had racked up so many games that I would go up and play for hours just from the games I had racked up getting the high score.

You can contact me here.... I'll be checking.

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20 days ago

I actually have one that works great. I replaced the solenoid driver board recently so it's better than ever.

I've been thinking about selling it. What are you offering?

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