New to me 1976 Royal Flush Pinball Machine - North NJ

New to me 1976 Royal Flush Pinball Machine - North NJ

By sup44

July 13, 2017

1 year ago

In 1993 my brother in-law bought this Royal Flush pinball machine from one of his carpet cleaning customers (he had a carpet cleaning business in California). It is unknown where this machine spent it's life prior to that man's house.  His customer casually mentioned he was getting rid of it and by my brother casually asked "how much".  "$300" said his customer...... Quick trip to the closest ATM, brother in-law bought it on the spot. 

We visit my sister and him, maybe once a year in Saranac, NY (they moved there in 1998).   The pinball machine is in his front room. Honestly, I rarely played it but my kids loved it.  During this past visit (weekend of 7/8/2017) my kids played it each day as usual.  My brother in-law casually mentioned he's looking to get rid of it.  I casually asked "how much". "I'd like to get maybe $300". Me - "sold" (not knowing anything about it or what it's worth.  He did know it was worth much more than $300, but being family and my kids loving the thing, he didn't care.  Bonus - My sister got wind of the transaction and told my brother not to charge me a dime..LOL... I still wanted to pay for it, but she insisted.... so this cool machine is now sitting in my man/kids cave in the basement free of charge.  My bro in-law wanted me to use the money I saved for restoration.. so I am..

It's in great shape, but needs a little TLC. I've already replaced some parts (from PBresource) and have a new back splash on order (from Shayarcade).  I've been doing some research and noticed that this machine was sold just recently in PA (totally restored) for $5,200.... WOW... crazy luck... she's going to be in the family for a while... wonder what it will sell for in 20 more years... :)

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