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5 years ago
I've owned GOT premium long enough now to rate it. This game is a blast to play! Games have gotten longer the more I've played it. It's at the point where I'll turn it on for one or two good games, then turn it off. Looong play times. That can be good or bad depending on your perspective. The one serious defect in this game right now is that the left orbit diverter arm has never been fixed by Stern. The last code update now has a menu option to disable the diverter arm. There are potential fixes out there if you're willing to partially strip down the playfield. Not uncommon to start 3-4 different multiballs during a game now - when I first got it, I only knew how to start one of them (BWMB). I have small kids (5-6). They love pinball and love the theme of GOT. However, the rules are too complicated for them. They just wanna get to a multiball, and that's difficult on this table for kids.
5 years ago
Played at Marvin's in Farmington, MI 4-07-16. I have mixed feelings. I think there is overuse of magnets. I like the physics aspect of pinball, where you learn to predict how shots will interact with the field and can predict where rebounded shots will go. The magnets in the top center of the field continuously disrupted smooth gameplay and frequently sent the ball SDTM. Not a fan of the LOCK rollovers centerfield either, as they too seemed to interfere too much with movement of the ball. I like the wide-open center field (aside from the rollovers mentioned) in theory, but it made for very slow gameplay, especially with the magnets almost constantly disrupting play. That being said, this is a widebody machine, so it shouldn't be expected to play as fast as a standard pin. Those times when I activated multiball, the action was fast and furious and left me wanting to come back for more. I had a blast on this table during the multiballs. The same location has WOZ also, so I went back and forth between the two. I do not like the WOZ theme. At all. But ignoring the themes, WOZ has a lot more to interact with on the table, and it is a more fun game to me. Flipper power on TH was fine to make all ramp shots - plenty of power most of the time. The exception was when two or three balls were at a flipper at the same time. The right VUK also had trouble getting the ball up and had to fire four times in a row to get the ball out of the hole. This only occurred once, and other time the VUK was fine. I had three balls gets stuck on this table, one of which could not be bumped loose and would require glass removal. The game was able to continue despite being short one ball after several rounds of coils firing.

Updated 9-21-16: updated ratings after having more time on this game. Shiny-new feeling has worn off, and it just doesn't have the "fun" factor going for it to me. Still hope to own one one day to give it a more thorough in-house trial, but it's much farther down on the list. Despite the terrible theme, would pick WOZ (great game!) over this 100%.
5 years ago
Solid 10 across the board! I know it's not out yet, but I've seen the leaked images, or at least heard that someone saw them, and I'm sure the layout is perfect. I'm not aware of any flaws in the rules. Period. Where do I send my check for the pre-order?
5 years ago
I'm not an EM guy; I've played very few. So I can't compare this pin to the older EMs it's meant as an homage to. This is a well-made game that's a lot of fun to play. Very lively pop bumpers compared to anything I've seen on a modern DMD - very satisfying when the ball is ricocheting around in there. The artwork is fun - reminiscent of a couple Austin Powers gags I think. The biggest "ding" I gave this game in the ratings is for lastability. Maybe that's not fair because by it's nature this game is not designed to have modes to progress through and fancy toys to activate. But bottom line, I couldn't see wanting to play this over and over again every night in my house.