Getting back into Pinball.

By Sugoiorson

April 28, 2015

7 years ago

I didn’t necessarily grow up surrounded by Pinball, but as a non drinker I found myself playing them most Friday and Saturday nights whilst at local pubs, watching my mates get drunk.

My memories are of playing Addams family, Fish Tales, Getaway and Indiana Jones, there were probably others but these were the machines that sucked most of my money.

As an adult with kids now I became tired of a “digital” only gaming world, and that caused me to think about pinball again, one thing led to another and I now have a growing collection. I find there is much enjoyment in Pinball, beyond just playing them, I enjoy working on them, changing the colour layout, making repairs and the odd mod here and there. I find a lot of satisfaction in them, I find them to be more than just a game but a piece of art, the centre of attention, a seriously enjoyable hobby.

A gentleman in Melbourne who runs the best Pinball refurb business in Australia said to me “pinballs are like chips, you have one and you want more… and more”. He’s not wrong.

The best part of owning pinball machines is enjoying them with the kids, seeing them enjoy the same games I played 25 years ago, it’s just awesome.

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