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3 years ago
I didn't like this game at all when I first played it a pin show. Then I played it again and it started to grow on me. I finally bought one a few months ago and didn't want to rate it until the honeymoon phase was over. I love this game. Its my favorite right now. Just wicked fun to play and the rules are pretty cool.
5 years ago
Nostalgic game for me plus mine is near mint. Love this game. Upper playfield is a cool feature. Call outs and retro music are a big plus.
5 years ago
Can become repetitive. Fun game but it feel s like it is mastered quickly. If I had more room I probably would have keep it just because I love the terminator movies,
5 years ago
Fun game. The Monger is a wicked cool toy. I also love the whiplash kickback. Every time I think of trading it, I play it a few more times and say, no way!
5 years ago
Great game. Fun modes. Addictive
5 years ago
This is still one of my favorite shows so that definitely adds to my love for the game. I like this game way more than I expected to. I knew that it had a high rating when I bought it but didn't expect it to be this awesome. What a great game, so much to it.
6 years ago
If this machine was based on the Stalone movie I probably would not own it. It's a great game. I've had it for a few months now and don't feel that I have mastered all of the shots yet. That's a good thing because it makes me want to keep playing it. A lot of different modes and aspects to the game keeps me interested. Great game for a great price. Cool lighting and artwork too.