Old guy finds youth....costs a lot.

By StoneyCreek

January 12, 2021

43 days ago

About 6 years ago, I had a life event that caused me to re-evaluate a lot of stuff.   My kids are grown and relatively independent and I needed some direction.  I have lots of hobbies to keep me busy, but most of them require work.   Woodworking, Landsacaping, Singing/Songwriting/Performing....I needed something to chill out with other than the TV.   Books are great but my job has my eyes tired of a screen at the end of the day.  So I reached back into my memory banks to what made me happiest in my youth and Pinball rose straight to the top of the list.

I seeked out the nearest pinball arcade in Northern Virginia where I lived.....found a mecca of sorts....Carpool Bar had 12 pins just sitting there with hardly anyone playing them.  The 2nd time I went there some dude came in and started working on one of the machines....Baywatch had some lights out.   He asked me, 'Hey, are you practiciing for the league?"

That was the moment I turned the corner.   I replied, "what league?"

Turns out the league started the next week, and I was invited to join...which I did!  Every Tuesday from 7-9PM we played.   50+ people of many ages...college students to seniors....and it was some of the most fun I'd had in a while.  Met great folks, and got introduced to some pinball machines that were not like the ones I remember form the 80s.

DI, GB, GoT, DP!    wow!    I actually had to 'study the rules?'      Hooked again.

couple years later I moved to a pinball desert here in nortwestern Virginia.   I think I now own some of the only modern machines here in the valley and, well....I want more!  Am I sick? is it age, or am I making too much money?   shouldn't I be feeding the poor instead of spending 5K on a beautifully kept and modded ST Pro?

Well, there it is.   My favorite old hobby, now my favorite new one.  

Of course I dont smoke anymore and put my cigarrette down on the glass while I play, but I don't miss that.

thanks for reading!   see ya.

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26 days ago

I love this! I can't say pinball is a hobby for me as I can't fix a thing (really want to learn) but I share the thrill, the almost addictive quality some pinball machines have. I shall be searching for some sort of league, how fun! Thank you for sharing :) you can still help feed people I think We all need things that make us happy. I'm like a little kid when my machine is working.

21 days ago

Great article and the answer is you can still find some money to feed the poor and do altruistic work as well as enjoy playing pinball. You can do both :).
The hobby is very addicting - and very rewarding for people who love pinball.

9 days ago

Cool story! Tanks for sharing!

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