New to Pinside looking for my first pinball machine

By STL_Hoosier_636

December 11, 2020

44 days ago

I'm new to Pinside and looking for my first pinball machine.  I live in the St Louis, MO metro area so nothing farther than a 400-500 mile radius. 

My all-time favorite is the Addams Family however I'm not looking to shell out $12k for a refurbished machine. I've been researching newer machines and am thinking about a Deadpool machine.  I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

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28 days ago

Welcome! I don't know much about Deadpool as I only have played a Pro model twice. I thought it was a nice game, but again, my exposure was limited.

I had a Williams F-14 Tomcat that I bought in 1992 for $450. I loved it, but after several moves, it wound up sitting in my garage for four years. I finally gave it away. The guy I gave it to completely restored it, and it was magnificent! Of course then I regretted giving it away and decided to get another machine.

That's when I discovered how much the crazy things had gone up in price, and I came to the conclusion that I did not want to pay $3k plus for a 25-35 year old machine that probably was a little over $1k when new when I could get a brand new machine for less than $6k. I got a Munsters Pro. Then I liked it so much I got a Black Knight Premium (gotta have the upper playfield in that one).

But as issues developed with both of those machines (nothing severe, but annoying considering both were new out of the box), I decided to try the restored or refurbished route. I will say that two of my machines from 1991 are the most reliable ones in my collection (less game errors, next to no mechanical errors). So for me, going the restored route has been better.

Ratings should be taken with a grain of salt, but it looks like that of the machines you still can get new out of the box, Elvira has held up the best from Stern. The machines from Chicago Gaming (Medieval Madness and Monster Bash) have been out the longest and still are top rated.

Good luck - I hope you enjoy it!

9 days ago

My only suggestion in getting a machine is don't bother worrying about what others say about your machine or the ratings. If you like the machine then it's a 10 to you even if it's a 7 to the world. I have plenty of favorites that don't even make it on the top 150 games but thats just more because not enough people have rated it.
If you are not planning on doing your own repairs you may want to buy from someone who also services for your first machine as you'll start a relationship if you come across something major. Some of the used refurbished dealers offer a limited warranty on some games spending has a bit to do with that too.
If you're planning for a newer machine and want deadpool Pro, the market is saturated with pro machines that people get rid of quickly in amazing shape for plenty of reasons. Premium and LE have upgrades, features, limited number released, that makes it worth spending the extra money if you go new in box, plus better resale value.
Buying pinball machines is like eating pringles, once you pop you can't stop. So think of this first machine as a stepping stone into a new adventure that you can always use to trade up or build on. Best of luck on your journey!

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