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7 months ago
This horrible. The build quality is awful. The play field decal has a very apparent line right in the middle of it. Lots of dimpiling or fish the wood under the decal. Its not very fum to play at all. The arr work is very bad. I would never own one.
7 months ago
Not a huge fan of this one. Found it drains a lot. If your not shaking the heck out of it your game is over quickly. I don't feel a machine should have to be shaken to be played properly. Love the ramps and rules. Rock band themes are not my favorite. Just don't understand doing a pin after a rock band and making the band members animation characters. Why not just theme it after a cartoon in the first place?
7 months ago
It's a fun game. It's a little over hyped IMO. Not a fan of the art and game play gets old quick. I prefer the second version and many other Bally games over this one.
7 months ago
Meh, IMO it's not as great as everyone else seems to think it is. Its fun but not my cup of tea. Creature is a better game.
7 months ago
It is a great game. A little hard to follow but very fun. Looks awesome but not Sterns best.
7 months ago
I love this game. I polled it against another Stern and it by far won the poll. I had never played it but bought it on everyone's word. Glad I listened. I fell in love the first time I played. It is my favorite game by far now and I have a large collection of solid pins.