sweet hearts restoration

By steverose

September 26, 2018

6 months ago

Hi,just finished my first pinball restoration on a Gottlieb 1963 Sweet hearts. I owned one around 40 years ago and sold it some time in the 80s. I have recently purchased another which was in some need of some TLC. ie,, Wordworm and rotten wood also the cabinet had been painted blue and the  light box painted red, plus Bally plastics and bodged repairs on the play field. Some electrical faults fixed thanks to ebay and a reproducion schmatic. Solinods, correct flippers, flipper rebuild kit, lamp holders, knocker,10 point bell and play field parts,thanks to Pinball Resource . I manged to scrap back the paint to reviel the original paint design, I took stencils and did my best to recreate the original look. The door and coin slot facia was going to get rechromed, but recieving a qoute  for £300 !!!! I decided to remove the rust and polish the steel.The restoration as been a labour of love,probabally spent more than that it is worth ( not including labour ) but its a keeper .Just have to find room for the pinball .Its in the kichen at the moment and the kichen table is around a neighbours garage .My wife hasn't proceeded with a divorce yet !!!!

Story photos

XPERIA PICS 809 (resized).JPG
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Gottlieb-Sweet-Hearts-Pinball-03-suy (resized).jpg
Gottlieb-Sweet-Hearts-Pinball-04-hwq (resized).jpg
Gottlieb-Sweet-Hearts-Pinball-01-cs (resized).jpg


6 months ago
very nice! I'm glad you found a place for it, even in the kitchen works for me. nice job.
6 months ago
Sweet bro! Stencils look great and that is one cool looking playfield!! You are off and running, better make room for the next one, and the one after that.
6 months ago
I think PBR has chrome coin doors for $115 US... http://pbresource.com/CoinDoor.html

GTB-D10066A $115.00ea
5 months ago
Good work. Looks great!

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