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43 days ago
Wanted this for a while. What a great fun game to play. The racetrack is awesome and it has great sound and animations. Really done understand why this game doesn’t rank a lot higher as it’s fantastic.
9 months ago
Absolutely epic game. Only just got this about a month ago but love it and understand why so many do. Goes nicely with. My Hobbit LE amd Dialed In LE amongst others. So much fun, so many shots and just a brilliant pinball machine.
11 months ago
Great fun game with upbeat Music and call outs. Love the look and colours of the playfield and the spinning ball can fire the ball anywhere. The ramps are great and it’s alway great to score a goal. Will stay in my collection for a long time. Added a colour dmd to mine and it looks great.
11 months ago
Owned this for a long time now. Always fun and was ahead of its time if you look at Stern and JJP Etc screens now. Theme is awesome and 3D screen is a lot of fun. Wish the playfield was a little bigger or normal size but the package of Pin 2000 had a lot going for it.
11 months ago
Great game another fast Ritchie game. Love the supercharger and the fast and frenetic play. The music is great. The only con is I don’t like the 3 bank drop target in the middle, it stops the flow of the game and could be better positioned. Quite a simple layout but great fun when the red light is flashing as well. Another keeper.
11 months ago
I love the Simpsons so was excited to get this having never played it. So far it’s not doing it for me, it feels clunky and repetitive. Maybe I need more time on it to unlock it, but I feel like I expected more. I’ll keep it for a 2hile and see if I can get into it.
11 months ago
Great wide body game, fast and fun. Music and call outs are great. The borg mode is awesome. Will own again.
11 months ago
An absolute classic. Fun, fast and addictive this is what pinball is about. Had mine since 97 and will never part with it.
11 months ago
This game is simply stunning. The most immersive game ever played. Intense, immersive this game makes you feel like you are in the movie, the quality is unbelievable, the screen and clips stunning, the call outs never ending. An absolute home run and in a class of its own, this is modern pinball.
11 months ago
Absolutely love this game, the theme is fun, the playfield is jam packed, the lights amazing. It is so much fun to play and plays so fast. This game should be in every arcade out there and there would be a new generation of pinball players. Well done JJP and Pat Lawlor.