A lifetime of pinball

Written by steve11 on September 4th, 2011.

A lifetime of pinball 

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A lifetime of pinball

Written by steve11, published September 4th, 2011. 3 comment(s).

Im a 45 year old from Australias historic home of pinball (Newcastle). Like many kids from that era i spent most weekends of the 70's & 80's in the many various pinnie parlours scattered across Newcastle.
I was also fortunate enough to have an aunt that worked for A.Hankin & Co (Australias only Pinball manufacturer) in Newcastle which meant as a kid we always had a pinnie at home.
Fast forward 30 years & i have re-ignited my pinball passion with the purchase of a new Stern Spiderman machine, its a great game but they sure have gone up in price.


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    HELLODEADCITY commented on September 07, 2011 05:43:27

    never played a Hankin pin - how do they comparer ?

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    absocountry2 commented on September 09, 2011 10:13:48

    How hard is it to find the old pins there?

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    JON1826 commented on July 22, 2012 22:02:12

    Enjoy your Spiderman. Stern makes nice machines. Prices sure do keep climbing! Good luck

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