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By stashyboy

November 29, 2012

9 years ago

Got the bug after going to the Pinball Hall of Fame a few years ago.(what a great place! need to go back!)I bought my first 70's Gottlieb project when I got home and haven't looked back. Mostly work on that era, occasionally something a bit earlier. I strive to restore games to as close to original as possible. PBR is 45 minutes from my house and I pick up my orders there in person. I have pics of my restorations here:

and here:

I do 3-4 games a year and am forced to sell them for lack of space and to recycle a classic game back into someone's gameroom. I'm always looking for projects that have potential to be great again-long live pinball!

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9 years ago

Wow...your pins look nice! You are doing what I want to do myself. I am just trying to figure out how many pins I can tastefully fit into my townhouse basement. :) I just bought my first ever pin this week. Actually, I bought 2, but only Jumping Jack is working, so I will forever consider it my first. I have one SS and one EM to "cut my teeth" on with restoration. Both were really dirty, and both have some planking and wear, rust, etc. so will probably take me awhile to learn and actually complete the restores. So far, I have just been taking my time with cleaning/waxing, and doing A LOT of reading. I hope someday I am good enough to do this at the level you are. I don't really have a true work area here, so I was already thinking maybe someday I might have to get a storage unit close by to store the ones I need to work on. Will take it day by day. :)

7 years ago

Yup, still have your old King Pin... it has a permanent place in my collection. Your work is fantastic, and the playfield, despite getting major workouts from time to time, still looks outstanding. Game play rocks as well. You do fantastic work... I've gotten a ton of positive comments about the game. One of my all time favorites. Do you plan on attending A-town this year?

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