Why Starbase?

By starbase

November 12, 2012

11 years ago

Simple answer is Starbase is my childhood arcade located in San Rafael, Ca. Amazing as this sounds it is still open as we speak and doing business, barely. I grew up in the Atari age and to be honest did not really touch a pinball machine until High Speed and Banzai Run showed up at my local pizza parlor. Pinball is something I did as a alternative to arcade games. Cannot say that I was ever mezmorized by pinball like I was by video games. I have a huge background in console and pc gaming playing everthing I could my hands on since the late seventies.

I kept thinking I would grow out of this habit but now approaching 40 I realize it is a part of who I am and will never give it up unless its taken from me. I gave up riding street motorcycles for fear I would fall and not be able to use my hands to play, basically video games was something I wanted to do more than going fast.

Few years ago I heard they were making a Tron pinball, did not research it much and honestly thought I could not afford one. I kick myself now because timing is everything it seem and getting A Tron LE would have been my first game but instead I was about a year too late on that boat. Instead of going crazy and with help of some nice pinsiders I was convinced not to buy a LE for a crazy sum and buy 2 for 1 essentially. Really happy how this worked out.

Not sure how long this love of pins will last but so far it feels good and I love supporting made in the USA brands. Especially a made in the USA electronic game, jesus it feels good to say that and than buy them and support US jobs and i get to have fun in the process, awesome.

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11 years ago

Welcome to pinside Starbase!

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