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Why Starbase?

By starbase

November 12, 2012

7 years ago

Simple answer is Starbase is my childhood arcade located in San Rafael, Ca. Amazing as this sounds it is still open as we speak and doing business, barely. I grew up in the Atari age and to be honest did not really touch a pinball machine until High Speed and Banzai Run showed up at my local pizza parlor. Pinball is something I did as a alternative to arcade games. Cannot say that I was ever mezmorized by pinball like I was by video games. I have a huge background in console and pc gaming playing everthing I could my hands on since the late seventies.

I kept thinking I would grow out of this habit but now approaching 40 I realize it is a part of who I am and will never give it up unless its taken from me. I gave up riding street motorcycles for fear I would fall and not be able to use my hands to play, basically video games was something I wanted to do more than going fast.

Few years ago I heard they were making a Tron pinball, did not research it much and honestly thought I could not afford one. I kick myself now because timing is everything it seem and getting A Tron LE would have been my first game but instead I was about a year too late on that boat. Instead of going crazy and with help of some nice pinsiders I was convinced not to buy a LE for a crazy sum and buy 2 for 1 essentially. Really happy how this worked out.

Not sure how long this love of pins will last but so far it feels good and I love supporting made in the USA brands. Especially a made in the USA electronic game, jesus it feels good to say that and than buy them and support US jobs and i get to have fun in the process, awesome.

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7 years ago

Welcome to pinside Starbase!

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