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7 years ago
A fun and challenging simple game. There's not a lot to Tri Zone, but it makes good use of what is there.

The safest way to play the game is to keep shooting the ball up top to advance your mutliplier by completing the A B lanes and adding to the bonus. You'll also complete T-R-I when doing this as you often get the R when the ball falls into the pops and is hit into its lane.

The drop targets are sucker shots. They are strategically placed such that shots to them are very likely to drain. So if you are going for the drops, plan carefully and be ready.

Another thing to keep in mind is the multiplier carries over until you get to 5x. So you have the decision to whether you max out the multiplier to 5x and lose it on the next ball, or keep it at 4x so you can carry it over. Often you can't really control this, but it is something to be aware of.

Overall an interesting layout that makes for a fun and challenging game that doesn't take a lot of thought.
8 years ago
I really appreciate the effort and technology that went into Pinball 2000. It is well designed, works well, and is overall a pretty impressive setup. That being said, to me RFM falls pretty flat. I own Attack From Mars, so perhaps I'm biased, but my complaints are more about the game than the Pinball 2000 platform.

RFM's humor seems forced and it is dated. AFM was funny as it incorporated somewhat universal components of the "invading alien" theme, so it doesn't seem "old" or out of date. RFM adds in humor from the Clinton administration that just seems stupid at this point. Other modes like Mars Kneads Women and Martian Happy Hour just seem like an attempt to make bad jokes and puns. Overall RFM just seems like it is trying too hard and ends up being more annoying than funny.

From a play perspective the game doesn't seem as fast or flowing as AFM. It isn't bad, but it seems somewhat lacking in comparison.

The music and sounds are good, the video is well done, and the overall artwork package is nice. RFM isn't a bad game, it just isn't all that great.
9 years ago
A pretty fun game. The rules are a little simple and it isn't a deep game, but the shots are pretty good and challenging.

The music is great but some of the sound effects can be a little grating. I had to rig mine up so that I can switch on/off what are equivalent to the lane change switches at the flipper buttons to get rid of the swoosh sound with every flipper button push. (There is no lane change in this game so disabling the switches does not effect game play, they are only used for initial entry and in the menus.)

The mini playfield is pretty neat. The varying time for the drop targets to reset adds an interesting challenge.

I really like the theme and the entire art package. It is a great looking game.
10 years ago
Kind of a one shot game with pretty shallow rules. The head is a pretty neat gimmick but it sure takes up a lot of playfield real estate. A nice artwork package and good looking machine.
10 years ago
Not a bad game for the price you can typically find them. Pretty fast with some neat shots and ball locks. I didn't find the cannon to be particularly interesting, the shots with it seem too easy and I could have done without the interruptions it introduces.

I don't think the backglass and cabinet art lives up to the playfield artwork.
10 years ago
Pretty well done overall. Nice artwork all around. Fun game with good music and shots. It seemed fairly easy compared to Whirlwind and I think I'd get bored with it somewhat quickly.
10 years ago
Pretty fun game but has room for improvement. The rules seem a little unfinished. The partially hidden pop bumpers and their exit is kind of annoying. The sound and effects are pretty good and the dots are well done. Shots are pretty good and flowing, especially for a wide body. The overall artwork package is very nice with a great looking playfield, cabinet, and backglass.
10 years ago
Pretty fun with some good shots. Update to the latest ROMs and the annoying Joe Pesci stuff disappears. Not the best playfield artwork, but not terrible. For the price, not a bad pin.
10 years ago
Flat out fast, difficult, and unforgiving. But in a good way. This is a rather simple game that wraps you up in the challenge. If you rack up a good score on this machine, you've earned it. The right strategy and stacking will pay off.

The double ramp combos are great. The War Machine kickback is furious, and the magnets keep you on your toes by adding randomness and brutality. The Iron Monger toy isn't anything spectacular, but it isn't bad and works well in its respective mode.

The overall artwork is very nice, a nice looking machine. Dots are pretty well done with good animations for the modes.

The music is what really takes this game over the top. Probably the best soundtrack I've come across in a pin.

Yes, Stern has started to cut corners to save costs, but from a gameplay and rules perspective I don't think this game suffers. Sure, I'd like to have playfield support rails, full side armor, a metal apron, and maybe some more eye candy, but that wouldn't make the game play better. I think it has gotten unfairly criticized because of cost cutting. The game itself is solid.
10 years ago
I have a love/hate relationship with this game. I really like the deep rules, it keeps the game from getting boring. But if you want a quick easy game, this isn't it. I'll often not play TSPP because I'm just not up for it. But that doesn't mean I don't like it, I just have to be in the right frame of mind.

The game can be kind of stop and go, but it does have some flow. The orbit shots loop, the ramp returns to the left flipper, and you can bypass some of the catches such as the Springfield Loop by hitting both flippers to speed things up.

As for the rules, amazing. It is a game you need to study to get everything out of it. And it will challenge you for quite a while.

I may not play TSPP as much as some of my other games, but it won't be going anywhere because I know I'll never master it.
10 years ago
What can I add to everything that has been said about AFM? This game is just plain well done. Great layout, shots, sound, speech, artwork, and dots. It is funny and fun and a great game leaves you feeling rewarded for all the effort. Hard to beat.
10 years ago
A great game with simple rules but lots of great shots. Making the millions shot is tough but very rewarding. The six bumpers integrate really well and the playfield space lost to them isn't a problem. The skill shot to the three drop targets is a great start to each ball.

I love the music in the game. I can understand how the voice calls can annoy some people, but I can get past that and appreciate the tunes themselves.

The light shows after a game are great, I wish that this was still done today.

The artwork is very attractive and well done. Overall, a great machine and great bang for the buck.
10 years ago
This game doesn't get much respect because of the theme. And the theme does nothing for me. But from a gameplay standpoint, it is pretty good. The center ramp is a very easy shot, but the scoring for it is very balanced and it doesn't become the main shot in the game. The upper playfield plays really well and is very well done. There are some easy shots and some that are long and difficult.

The music is pretty good, but the voice calls and effects can get grating pretty quickly. If there is any game that would greatly improve with a re-theme, WWF is one of them.
10 years ago
Despite its shortcomings, I like this game. It is great looking and captures the theme of the movies really well. It is fun, mainly from a novelty standpoint. The revised rules make the game's scoring much more balanced and I have updated my rating to reflect this. This is the only game I've sold and bought back. I enjoy having it around and guests love it.
10 years ago
Jurassic Park isn't perfect, but it sure is fun. Trying to start all the modes is challenging and the payoff of System Failure is pretty neat. Most of the modes are pretty good although some don't seem worth messing with (Raptor Rampage for example). The T-Rex is a nice toy and the Raptor Kickback is always surprising.

The playfield artwork isn't the best. It is a little too cartoony. But the rest of the game's art seems to make up for it. The backglass is great and the cabinet art is clean and understated.

The music draws you into the modes and keeps you excited. Sounds and voices are great and add to the overall package.

A great game for the price.
10 years ago
A beautiful machine, great playfield art, cabinet art, and nice backglass. The shots are interesting and the toys are well done. Pirates is not lacking for things to shoot at and do. The goals are fun, and the center compass area to keep track of them is nicely done.

But Pirates starts to go downhill from there. The shots seem poorly integrated. Shoot the ship, ball dribbles out. Shoot the chest, ball dribbles out. The left orbit shot gets captured and shot to the upper lane/Parlay area. This all interrupts an overall fast and challenging game. I'm not particularly hung up on flow vs. stop and go. I like both, but Pirates doesn't seem to do either well.

The music is nothing special. I can't get excited about it and it doesn't draw you in. The sounds and voice calls are pretty boring and not very funny.

One last comment about the art, the artwork on the plastics has to be some of the worst I've seen. Overall, Pirates is beautiful. But then you have plastics with boring, grainy pictures of ships, or a pixelated grey-blue sea of nothing.