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5 years ago
in my opinion, the best pinball machine ever.
5 years ago
this is as bland as it gets folks. not much to see or do in this one. simply bash the bank targets. over, and over, and over
5 years ago
god damn this game is cool! im talkin as cool as the movie and its video game counterpart! cant think of much i would want to see improved. obviously since its sega, the magnet on the the disk kinda sucks, and rarely catches the ball (think space jam backboard) which can be frustrating as hell because shooting the satellite is kind of a very important shot that you only get a few tries at.
5 years ago
wha-hoah! radical bro! the callouts on this game are by far the most annoying i have ever come across. the music is terrible and repetitive. for a game with two auxillary flippers and so much clutter on the field the game is ridiculously smooth. there is a wide variety of shots with clearly established objectives. what a time capsule!! the one i'm playing on has a mod where instead of a typical plunger it has a neon pink skateboard wheel!
5 years ago
star wars episode 1 is about as good as the movie itself. one of the games fatal flaws is that the lamps are glaring off the monitor... the backglass is glaring off the field... the game is just difficult to look at. not that there's much to see anyway with that terrible art.
5 years ago
5 years ago
so bland. hit the center drop, hit the center ramp, play centerfold multiball, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat. dumb theme, even dumber "artwork".
5 years ago
street fighter has alot goin for it but the game is absolutely ruined by the fact that every shot (except for the guile ramp) stops play to serve it up from one of the sinkholes. add that to gottliebs super easy to cradle flippers and this game is as stop and go as any pinball could ever be. it actually seems to reduce the amount of flow from games neighboring it.
5 years ago
i didn't appreciate this one at first but it quickly grew on me. there is only one objective, yet many ways to go about it, which makes the game addicting as hell. jungle run is one of the funnest hurry-ups i can think of, and hitting the fifty million shot is soooooo satisfying. frustrating to miss, but sooooo satisfying to snag.
5 years ago
i'm biased towards this game because it is my favorite of all time. the game is a perfect time piece. awesome sounds, simple gameplay, bumpers in the middle of the playfield. There aren't many shots but they are all very potent. plus its star trek baby!!
5 years ago
MJ MJ that's all this game is: bugs bunnys annoying voice yeliing MJ at you. the games fatal flaws are the skill shot (repetitive and way too easy), and the toy backboard. which never seems to catch the ball. toss in some bland ass graphics and ear drilling call outs and thats space jam. the basketball lock shot is chill, locks are clearly indicated and the shot is fun and easy to hit with a backhand or forehand.