To Ship or Not to Ship? Is it Safe to Ship Pins???

By staceyflip

September 01, 2023

8 months ago

To ship or not to ship? Is it actually safe to ship pins???

Well, I’ve bought more than a few pins after studying the shots on YouTube videos. I’m usually right, but even ONE wrong is a big and huge deal when pins cost over $10k. I’ve been EXTREMELY lucky when it comes to shipping pins in, lots of photos, good feedback on pinside is paramount. I like to talk to the guy before I ship a pin. If he loves to go over in great detail every little thing about the pin, send photos, talk on and on about it and other pins, WINNER winner chicken dinner! This is my guy. If the guy is evasive in any way, NOPE. Bad luck for me. It takes for freakin ever to ship a pin even when using STI. Yeah, they wrap the pin, they do this and that, they bring it into your house. BUT, it’s going to be several weeks before they pick it up, it’s going to be several weeks before they get it here, and maybe several weeks before they can meet your schedule to deliver. It’s very time consuming. I actually like to have a pin shipped on the legs. Yeah, maybe it’s not quite as safe, but when they bring it in, I just need to level, perhaps, and then I’m ON in minutes, flipping MY NEW PIN! Yay!

When you ship a pin, you expect the seller to describe every single little imperfection in full detail and send photos. I got a pin once that had a LOT of imperfections and even mechanical problems and cabinet art that was not as described. Nothing makes you sicker than paying full price for a pin that is NOT as described EXACTLY. I had to sell that pin at a loss immediately, just a bad taste in my mouth. I love pinball, I love pins, playing them, looking at them, modding them. If you LOVE pins, then you KNOW when you’re selling a pin if the ball locks up, if the optos give you trouble, if the playfield is pitted. You KNOW if the cabinet art has tears. Undeniably you KNOW.

So I gave the guy neutral feedback. Pop bumper was broken, cabinet art had rips, but it was a 30 year old pin and it played fine. Playfield lights were burnt out, and it wasn’t a simple bulb fix, it was cold solder joints too. He told me he was going to start a thread about what a bitch I was, I didn’t even mention all the issues, just that the pin wasn’t exactly as described and slow shipping, which took about 3 months. Then he blocked me. What a doosh.

I’m just saying, I value my pinside ratings. I still ship pins, but would much rather get a local deal. There is NO way I would ship a pin without valid feedback on Pinside. And like I said, it’s up to YOU to talk to the seller on the phone, get photos, ask questions. Direct and frank answers good and bad are meaningful. Evasive answers are red flags, photos that are blurry indicate issues.

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