Foo Fighters LE, Jack Danger Man

By staceyflip

March 02, 2023

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23 days ago

OK, so I already have the perfect home lineup of pins but I scored a Foo Fighters LE today! Jack Danger said Deadpool was his favorite pin…(before GZ came out LOL) and DP is MY favorite pin too. I love that guy. He takes time to hug children and pets at pin festivals, and he looks to be the greatest pinballer man. I love me some Elwin and Gomez, but I do feel a little crossed with the Bond pins, and I just think Jack is perfectly tuned into pin. Why LE? I’m not really an LE girl. I like to mod out pins myself now, but the LE has the amp and EQ and expression lights, the art is phenomenal, green is NOT my favorite, but this LE just looks great, love Zombie Yeti’s LE art package, LE/Premium has upper playfield and 4th flipper. I generally don’t give a shit about an upper playfield, but this one looks good and plays fast, Foo Fighters is a good band, I’ve seen over a thousand concerts and never went to see them once…so why LE on this pin???? Well, I love the animations and aliens, but you can get that on all trim levels. Band pins don’t do it for me because they’ve never made a pin for ‘my band.’ IT’S THE SHOTS, they look AMAZING, the flow of LE/Premium, the toys…but when you think about the overall appearance of THIS Limited Edition, combined with the sound and vision of the expression lights built in and EQ and sound system, plus the art and powder coat…AND, it’s Jack Danger, serious FOMO going on here. God (and Stern) are only making 1000 of these, and StaceyFlip just scored one! Is it worth $3300 over the Premium? I don’t know man, I just know on this occasion it’s LE all in! And something will have to go from my perfect lineup. Is it Cactus Canyon LE? No way, not until the Lyman code comes anyway. Love that freakin pin to just play a couple fun balls. Deadpool Premium? Nope, bolted down. Stranger Things Premium? Can’t see that going after I refurbished a routed pin and got it back to all its glory, dialed in the shots, Cleland makes that sucker a masterpiece. Rick and Morty BSE? OMG, not the greatest pin in the world but it took me a long time to get one and I play that sucker every day. LOVE the music and call outs. There is NOTHING like this in pinball that I know of, swearing set to always, takes me away to another dimension every time I play it…and I like the show, but not a huge fan. It just works for pinball. Godzilla Premium? OMG. I actually sold/traded mine 3 times and just got it back and ordered Tokyo sign and shooter rod fix, getting ready to put a Pinwoofer amp in it, so no, Hell NO. That only leaves Iron Maiden, and I absolutely HATE the theme, the music kind of grows on you. BUT, it’s a great shooter. I hate the scary stuff, so I went to great lengths to make mine Egyptian themed, Eddie is fun, so replaced that chained Eddie with a Pharoh Eddie and WWI Eddie. I have a coveted GUS mod coming soon. How to choose? How to choose? My IM Premium shoots like a dream. I had a pro that I really liked and upgraded to Premium. The pro was clunky and kind of shitty really, but it was still so very good that I had to get a Premium. The only real answer is make more money or sell something else. The bottom line is, if you play the pin and simply cannot wait to play it again, it’s a WINNER for me. If it sits in the corner and you play it on occasion because ‘you should, it cost a lot of money and you love it but you don’t play it,’ then that’s the pin to sell or trade. Pins are meant to be played. They take you to another world under the glass. They fill my heart with excitement and wonder. I like to play pinball, think about pinball, fix pins, mod pins, and talk about pinball, buy and sell pins, and watch pinball on YouTube. I like to check in with Pinside every day or two. I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to buy my first pin!

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21 days ago

Excellent! Your comments are spot on and obviously you really enjoy your pins. FF LE will be the first of many LE’s to follow. Cheers!

20 days ago

Love this, and love your pin lineup.

20 days ago

Sounds like IM has to go. You already got an Elwin pin you like. So replace a rock pin with a rock pin.

Good luck

18 days ago

I hope your wrong about bond !

16 days ago

Where do you people get the money to buy all of these new pinball machines?!!! haha. I agree with chaka above. Sounds like you know Iron Maiden needs to go.

16 days ago

Or...Cactus Canyon?? Punt on that now and then buy it back once the code has been released...if it ever is.

Love the energy of this post. What a great hobby!

16 days ago

Post a video of gameplay when it arrives. It’s definitely a tough call when going from premium to LE. The one thing I always think about is if the game is any different to justify the cost that or lastability. The game always has me coming back to play it again and I won’t ever get tired of it so it makes sense to have the most beautiful version especially if you have people to share it with. From your write up it seems you made a good choice with the LE in this case. I mean especially given that you like the band as an added bonus!

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