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1 year ago
After owning 3 centaurs i feel like an expert.... Haha, seriously this is one of the only tables that lets you forget everything else around you. The sound is inviting you to become one with the machine and it plays you -> bad move human :)

It's hard to get those 5 balls out and even with 2 balls out you have to work.

If it plays slow or cluncky then your machine is not dialed in the way it should be.....It begins slow and ends in mayhem and it will hypnotize you like no other machine can.

Compared to my addams family or shadow it holds its ground and thats impressive!
5 years ago
I like it, fun and "easy" machine for the family.

Maybe a bit easy if you just bash the ramps for points but otherwise a well done succesor for Cyclone.

And i have to agree: 1700 is not a realistic value in my opinion--> but thats probably auomated math stuff anyway.
5 years ago
after restoring, polishing and so on i must admit a darn mean game but when it flows it really does stand out.

Update 1
After some time i can say this, if you want to become a better player this is THE game to get, tight, deep, unforgiving and

Update 2:
this games gets/owns you, out of 16 machines this is the one i play for skills and fun most of the time, the episodes and other gameplay options are very addictive.

The frustration is huge but when it flows it really rules bigtime!
5 years ago
Need i say more, this game makes all others seem a bit overshadowed :)
5 years ago
6 years ago
That moving toy really ruins this table, really horrible.

Especially when the ball comes back Mick redirects your ball to drain heaven, maybe they should have tested it before putting it on the market.

Yes its that horrible!
6 years ago
Fast, furious and rewarding a very good table. This one makes you sweat cause the ball comes back soooo fast its ridiculous!
6 years ago
Just great, cannot stop playing it! Maybe my new favorite.....
6 years ago
Just love it, the speed and looping is awesome can repeat all day and night it just has that magic flow!
6 years ago
Not bad, not good but the ruleset is well done.

Maybe i'll have to learn to like this machine so will update later!
7 years ago
Wow, thats all i have to say for now....
7 years ago
At first a good looking table but very fast and unforgiving. After a few games it starts getting clear, you have to continue playing and playing and playing......

A lot of modes, a lot of flow and stop and go, you pick your style so fun for all.

This game belongs in the top 10 for me.
7 years ago
This is my FAVORITE pin and i have played a lot of tables.

Yes, it is fast and unforgiving but just great when you get the flow of this one.

The sound and speech draw you in and after a good game you feel empty but forfilled and to power up you start again! Thats how good this tables is, a top 10 pin and i think a top 5 (personally nr.1) with even odds depending on the persons personal preferences.
7 years ago
I think an all time classic maybe the best one. great in every aspect. Loved it 20 years ago and still great.

A must play for every pinhead!
7 years ago
I like it but it lacks multiball so shooting becomes an aiming game in the end.

Shots are hard but when done right make you smile each run.

A classic it is but the greyish playfield is a bit boring in my opinion.
7 years ago
A little gem this machine, fast, unforgiving and yet very friendly. The music is addicitve, the voices of the mice perfect.

Didn't expect that this game would be totally cool.

The middle ramp is good for scoring but very tricky, i loved "GERONIMOOOOO!" and all those other mouse voices WOW

If you are looking for a gem here it is!
7 years ago
One of my favorites, just love the flow and with LED's its a visual blast.

Combining the two ramps is very satisfactory and the gun a great addition. Always nice to combine multiball with payback time to get those high numbers....

Overal a must have for lovers of flow and badass pinball!
7 years ago
Nostalgia for me this one, i liked it in a bar 20 years ago but nowadays when i play it its a bit shallow and just doesn't come together.

But the theme is what makes it a keeper for me

Hooked again to this pin, now i remember what makes this one awesome. Its the unlimited millions feature together with multiball. The trick with this one is stacking and combining features together to get them high scores and fast gameplay.
7 years ago
Have been restoring one and when finished and the magnet was 100% it is a blast!

Fast, great flow and good lightshow and addictive music. The shot from right flipper to right upper flipper AND scoring with that upper flipper (up that ramp) is one of the most satisfying shots in pinball!

So i think a great game, a keeper for me.

And the artwork bad? Nowadays it is GREAT!