How it happened to me

By ssbodyman

May 21, 2011

9 years ago

I never really played much pinball growing up. If I did get a chance to play a game it was probabaly a pretty short game (lack of skill) but i was allways drawn to the machine if I saw one out. then about 2 years ago my younger brother bought his first pin (bride of pinbot) , I was hooked so I started dreaming about owning one and trying to save enough for a top game.

Day to day life has a way of cleaning out any savings you start to build, so I changed the plan to buy a cheeper machine,hit craigs list and found a blackout. Played great for 2 days then locked a kicker and blew a fuse. That turned out to be the best thing for my addition because I searched the web found great repair info and fixed my game.

That gave me the confidence to buy a space shuttle project. Two weeks later(and a couple hundred bucks) I had 2 working machines. It is such a great feeling to play that first game after all the work it takes to clean and repair a broke machine.

I just bought my third (stargate) at an estate acution it mostly works and is a great game.

I am a auto body repairman by trade and just clear coated the playfield on my brothers BoP. Talk about a learning experiance,can you say fish eyes, after 3 attempts it came out great.

Anyway pinball is a great hobby,highly addictive,but fun. I have gotten the wife and daughter on board and am on the lookout for the next one.

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9 years ago
welcome to the Pinside ssbodyman - it can get addictive
good luck with it
8 years ago
Always include them (Wife and daughter) in pin purchases. Go to an expo let them play a bunch of different ones in a room. That way you will probably have 10+ pins ready to go into the house before you leave!!!
Win-Win! ; )
8 years ago
My family helps me with my machines!
6 years ago
When you can get Yr Wife and Kids involved into Yr Hobby ,, You have Done something RIGHT !!! B_R
3 years ago
good story! similar here - just started collecting a short time ago and now I want to find unique games to play/own -
like Pinball Magic and Mystery Castle and some Zaccaria's. started with EMs -due to cost , but now I want those SS ones -lol

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