A long time ago in a galaxy, wait, what?

By ss-pinball

March 13, 2021

62 days ago

When I was younger pinball switched from EM machines to the early SS Classics, like Eight Ball Deluxe, Meteor, Firepower, Blackout and Flash Gordon.
I tended to go to the pinball machines because there wasn't a line at them like there was a Pac-Man or Defender or Tempest.
I promptly drained and then went to wait in line to regurgitate the pattern on Pac-Man with the few quarters I had left.

Occasionally, through the later eighties and the nineties I would see a video game or pinball machine and go over and waste a few quarters and a few minutes.

Fast Forward to 2000. I spent time in Milwaukee at an extended job training and for six weeks got to know Gorgar pretty well while my classmates were all hooking up.

Fast Forward to 2016. We went to a free play for a fee arcade and celebrated my son's frined's birthday. The kids had a blast, my wife had a blast and I had a blast. I played the snot out of Silverball Mania and Tales from the Crypt that day. My wife mentioned that she had some neighbors on her street who had pinball machines. One neighbor had one and the other had two (one of the machines was Space Mission). She uttered the now-infamous "It would be cool to have one at our house" and I was on a quest. We had gone to several arcades/barcades across the state and started to attend pinball shows in an effort to play more machines, see what we like and generally have a good time.

It took me a while to find a Firepower II at an estate auction. Bought it dead and three months to resurrect it and I was hooked. It's a great way to spend time with the kids, with the wife and with a beer...
I think my favorite era is still the early eighties but I also have a real appreciation for pins that go into the early to mid nineties. There seems to be lots of innovation during that time period. There certainly are some fantastic pins and engaging themes that have come out in the last few decades but I think I'd rather play Bride of Pinbot than the latest band pin.

I'm really looking forward to heading back to our local brewpub with my pal and having the Black Knight taunt us.

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