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8 years ago
Love the game, Tho it is very tight in shots! reason for the love ;0)
Needs a few tweaks here and there, but after these are done, you'll have a great machine.
Very under rated.
9 years ago
Just gotta love Original themed games!
another one of my Pat Lawler favorites, besides Funhouse ;)
9 years ago
I have the Wolverine LE,with 1.2 code installed.
WOW what a fantastic game this is, really happy to own this baby!
DMD Animation is a killer, about time went back to the old school look :)
Great stacking modes, love the magnet spinning disc, this game just reeks fun,fun,fun.
This is in my top 10 easy.
And will only get better with more codes to come.
very happy!
9 years ago
I'm an Elvis fan, But the game felt rushed and incomplete.
Shame as it could have been a great machine.
9 years ago
Great flowing game, a lot of multiballs, but cannot dig the artwork.
9 years ago
Sorry, but found Junk Yard, Well Junk. :(
Think it lasted 4 months with me and had to go.
9 years ago
I went on the hype and thought that I should buy one.
Had it for around 1 year and had to go, was not for me.
Just did not click with me, was like playing a half sized pinball machine, everything was in your face all the time.
9 years ago
Grab your self a Hot Dog!
For it's time, this machine is a home run!
The amount of cash I placed into this sucker on location is just to sad to think about. :P
With so many out there, it's still hard to find one to buy. Wonder why? ;)
9 years ago
Great theme, Just a shame that the sound speech was not clear like it was in the 93 and up pinballs. Love the game, all time keeper, Every one should have played this by now. ;)
9 years ago
Not my sort of theme, but really did like the game.
sort of struck me by surprise, nice flow,speech,music, and rules.
9 years ago
Nice game, had this for around 3 years before I let it go.
Thought that I missed it, brought it again to only sell 5 months later. lol
9 years ago
LOTR: Very deep rules, good flow, I'm not much into the photo shopped art work on the playfield, rather have seen the art drawn by hand. The game is easy in the top 10 to 15 for me.
9 years ago
This is another Great game, Simple but So much FUN! Has great humor, good flow, great artwork.
This is a game you can just walk up and bash away and still have a giggle while playing.
9 years ago
AC/DC Premium: Very nice looking machine with in your face AC/DC Music :)
Has some nice flow, great moving bell with matching sound to boot,
Cannon was sort of a let down on looking appeal, and the flaw with 2 balls loading at the same time can be a killer :(
The Band members moving back and forth was a real let down!
Code still needs some work, so as it stand now, I can only rate as above.
Too much Hype on this one.
9 years ago
Rated with the Combo LE version. I really enjoy it a lot.
especially with the latest 1.5 code update. Great flow, Love the theme and sounds,
Art package looks fantastic, I think stern is starting to get the act together!
10 years ago
TOTAN: Great gage, AWESOME lighting effects! one of the best out there for its time.
Nice rules, but found the game sort of too east, a bit like Scared Stiff :(
Artwork great, Sounds great.
Just did not last for me, had if for maybe a year at tops.
10 years ago
Mini playfield was great, has some nice flow,nice artwork and kids love it.
10 years ago
I have had my MM for over 5 Years and have now Sold it.
To be Honest, I find the Attack from Mars a much better machine than this.
It was good while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end. :)
I actually play Whitewater more than MM, a Little Over Rated in my Opinion.
10 years ago
This game is SO under rated it's funny.
Just a Great fun game to play, good shots with flow to boot.
Go out and find one to play today!
10 years ago
Nice game if you like simple games.
I found it too easy :(
Shame, as I really did like the look and feel of the machine.
10 years ago
Found the game boring.
10 years ago
Had one, sold it 2 years later.
Not one of my top 10 machines, I feel its a tad over rated!
Many better games out there for an even cheaper price.
10 years ago
I have had the AFM now for over 6 years and still love the game, Game play is fast and fun,
Easy to learn rules with great flow! Artwork is cool and so is sound, one of my all time favorite machines. This is not going anywhere.
10 years ago
I have had my Spiderman since new and still love this game!
Sold my Simpsons for this and have never looked back.
If your thinking about this game, you do not have to think twice.
Grab one for yourself, you will not loose....