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By Spybryon

November 13, 2011

10 years ago

As a kid I grew up playing Black Hole, Paragon, Space Invaders, Firepower, and Black Knight at the local arcade. I used to go once a week to play at the arcade. At that time there was a line to play the newer popular machines. So you pile up your quarters in the space above the apron next to the lockdown bar. That meant you were next in line to play and everyone remembered whose quarters were whose. When Gorgar first came out I remember how I kept thinking how awesome it was that a pinball machine could talk! Then video games took over and pinball was largely forgotton by me.

Flash forward to 2010 and I heard about the Avatar launch party coming up in SF and on a whim I went there with a friend. From that point forward I was hooked again. Since then I have picked up a few machines and had them mostly in storage due to space issues. I finally got the kids toy room built and now have my first machine setup, Laser Cue. I still am a big fan of the era of the machines I grew up with. I like Pinball machines that have multiball and talk but it's better if it talks in the early computer voice when speech was brand new.

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10 years ago

yeah I remember putting a quarter up in order to get in line to play next,
wonder if it would work today?

10 years ago

People wouldn't understand what it meant if you put up your quarter!

I forgot to mention playing Future Spa and Silverball Mania along with the others.

10 years ago

Welcome, you are in the right place to feed your addiction.

10 years ago

I almost forgot about the the putting your quarter up to reserve your spot! Man where does all the time go? Glad you got hooked on pinball again.

10 years ago

No it doesn't HDC... I put my quarter up on Cyclone last Sunday and the kid playing thought it was some kind of TIP! Let's just say I set him straight- all without bloodshed... lol.
Welcome to the site Spybryon!
The Black Knight definitely stole the majority of my quarters with its relentless speed. Thank god the owner of the arcade back then was cool enough to show me how to play properly! :P

10 years ago

Welcome aboard, Spybyron!

9 years ago

Ok look like I left out Future Spa!

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