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3 years ago
Possibly the best Steve Ritchie flow game ever... and that's saying A LOT! Great art package by Greg Freres, and integrates the films with a game about as good as possible. Rules can be a bit repetitive, but the game fun factor keeps me playing more regardless. Fantastic effort by a great team! Proud to own this one.
3 years ago
Why rate my own game? Why not?! Ok... here's reality. When I laid out a game this different I KNEW it would be judged harshly. People that like "fan layouts" aren't going to get what this was meant to be... or maybe they will and just don't care for that. THAT'S FINE! The game is harsh and brutal and the absolute best game we could make on our second release. It has a ton of quality upgrades from AMH, and easy to forget now but was THE FIRST "COLOR DMD" style game to hit production. We also didn't raise the price a dime for it or the license and kept it under $6,000. We're still proud of it, and if you haven't played it with the finished code then I think you might have missed out on what this game became. It was a blast to make, Rob was awesome to work with, and I'm glad we at least tried something different.
3 years ago
Yes... I am 100% biased because I'm lucky enough that Scott Danesi let our company make this game. Having said that, I am IMMENSELY proud of Scott, and CAN'T STOP PLAYING THIS GAME!!! Seriously, love what it is and that it's getting a following. No way a game this unique and for the last 30 years, completely non traditional should be getting this much love, but here we are. Thanks everyone who supports what TnA and Spooky are!