My Early Pinball Years

By splattii

March 08, 2023

This story got featured on March 12, 2023

16 days ago

My current lineup represents the era I grew up in, the 80's.  Having been born in the 70's it wasn't until the early 80's when true memories began to form.  This was around the time people used to drive around in vans with the fantasy air brushed paint on the side, trans am's with sword and sorcerer paintings on the hoods etc....  Back when smoking in malls and arcades was normal...  Was I old enough to enjoy any of those things?   No, but I remember the sounds and the lights as soon as you entered a mall as most arcades in my area were always situated near the entrances or exits of malls.  The leather jackets, black jeans and long hair with bangs.  Everyone was in the arcade.  Hockey Arena's were another place that I caught the bug.  Walking out of the locker room to a smoke filled common area with the smell of overcooked hot dogs, stale coffee and the sounds of arcade and pinball machines.  Pacman, Donkey Kong.... over the years upgraded to Mat Mania, Blades of Steel and of course eventually Street Fighter 2.  Pinball?  You name it, I played it... but I stopped when pinball starting to try to be more like video games, this is why I  play 80's machines.  Simple, fast and to the point.  

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